‘Molly-Mae Tory scum’ has been painted on a Sainsbury’s in Manchester

That’s certainly one way to spend your 24 hours

Someone has written the words “Molly-Mae Tory scum” on the side of big Sainbury’s in the student area of Fallowfield, Manchester. The word “MILF” has also been added underneath the graffiti.

The graffiti appeared on Wednesday afternoon, and comes after a huge backlash against the influencer for “tone-deaf” comments Molly-Mae made on a podcast last month.

In the podcast, Molly-Mae said, “we all have the same 24 hours” and that “if you want something enough, you can achieve it”. Many fans felt she had totally failed to recognise her privilege, and dismissed the realities of social inequality.


The graffiti is on the side of the Fallowfield Sainsbury’s, next to Nando’s

The graffiti was first shared on the Manchester Students’ Group Facebook page, with the caption: “Right I’m off to big Sains to do some cringe graffiti, anyone want anything?”.

The post has over 275 likes, with multiple students sharing their opinions in the comments. Some were in support of the graffiti, with one person commenting: “I’m glad free speech is still hanging in there”. Another wrote: “A good use of your 24 hours in the day”.

But not everyone found the post funny, with one student voicing their support for Molly-Mae by writing: “If she was a man then nobody would be saying shit”.

Someone else commented: “And this is exactly what she’s referring to. Use your time to benefit your mind and pocket. This was wasted energy! Grow up!”.

It’s not known who is responsible for the graffiti, as the Facebook post was made by someone who just “stole it for a meme”.

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