asos premier next day delivery

ASOS is no longer guaranteeing Next Day Delivery on all items for people with Premier

Look out for the ‘Lichfield’ label

ASOS aren’t able to guarantee Next Day Delivery for Premier customers on every item during peak periods.

Shoppers are noticing their orders are being divided into multiple separate deliveries, with items marked “Lichfield” arriving days after payment. There hadn’t previously been a lot of explanation from ASOS’ end on why this might be the case.

People with a Premier subscription have also been wondering why they’re paying Next Day Delivery money for compulsory standard shipping.

ASOS’ stock is now supplied from two different warehouses across the UK – one in Barnsley and another in Lichfield, Staffordshire. An ASOS spokesperson told The Tab: “Our Next Day Delivery offer is dynamic, and order cut offs may […] vary from different warehouses.

We only do this as a last resort and to be transparent with our customers about delivery timeframes – customers can see the estimated delivery date at checkout before they place an order.

This is covered under our Premier Delivery terms and conditions and wherever possible we proactively communicate changes to our Premier subscribers”.

Items marked “Lichfield” will be coming from the recently-opened warehouse in Staffordshire, which may cause split deliveries and delayed orders.

Customers generally aren’t happy about the new system. “Why is EVERYTHING coming from ASOS Lichfield??????” one person Tweeted.

One Premier customer shared an email from ASOS which stated that “strict safety and social-distancing measures [mean that] our delivery times are longer [and] for now, we can’t offer Next Day Delivery as part of your premier subscription”.

A spokesperson told The Tab: “We have no plans to phase out our Premier or Next Day Delivery offerings”.

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