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Ok, so this is what actually happens to your clothes when you return them to ASOS

97 per cent of the clothes are resold

When you’re returning your big bag of ASOS stuff that looked nothing like it did on the model, your only concern is usually the effort it takes to drop it off at the post office and when you’re getting your refund. However an ASOS staff member has now revealed the exact process of what happens with your ASOS returns.

Senior Creative at ASOS Jess Cheng, posted an Instagram reel on Friday on ASOS’s Instagram account.

In the short video she revealed exactly what happens to the garment and how 97 per cent of returns go on to be resold.


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Jess begins the video by showing questions about the returns process people often have including if the clothes are cleaned before going out again.

She is then filmed going into a post office to begin the return. Then she reveals the first step when ASOS receives your return is that they unpack and inspect the item. Jess then said if anything needs mending it goes to their onsite tailor to be fixed.

The third step of the returns process is each item of clothing is steamed and pressed to remove any creases. She said if clothes have marks or makeup stains they are dry cleaned and put in ozone air scrubber (yeah I have no idea what that is either).

The garment is then left in the drying cupboard before being sent out again. Jess explained ASOS has a zero landfill policy and 97 per cent of the returns go on to be resold.

The remaining three per cent are sent to ASOS’s partners so it can be reused and recycled. Now I feel so much better about that order I placed this morning.

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