9 tv shows turning 10 in 2022

Don’t panic but these ridiculously iconic TV shows are turning 10 in 2022

I’m actually a granny

Looking at these TV shows turning 10 in 2022, I officially feel about 90 years old. Seems like just yesterday I was sat in my year nine science class, catching up with my mates on the previous night’s episode of Some Girls instead of actually doing any work. Remember when you’d shovel your dinner down as fast as you could before running upstairs, ready spend your Thursday evening watching Hollyoaks, Ja’mie: Private School Girl and Bad Education?

It’s hard to believe these incredibly iconic TV shows are actually turning 10 this year. Some are still plodding on, and some we’ve sadly lost along the way. Let’s take a look back to see how many you remember – and if you don’t, you’re welcome for the new binge recommendations.

People Just Do Nothing

people just do nothing 10 tv shows turning 10

Photo via BBC

When BBC Three was still a running TV channel (thank god it’s coming back next year), it gave us a look into a lot of undiscovered, underground gems – including People Just Do Nothing. The pilot exploded onto our screens almost a decade ago, making household names out of characters like Chabuddy G and MC Grindah.

While the series finished in 2018, the boys came back for a one-off film in summer this year. Big In Japan surrounded the pirate DJs finally getting their big break after one of their songs was used in a Japanese game show.

All episodes are currently available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

The Mindy Project

the mindy project

Photo via Fox/Hulu

It’s coming up to the 10-year mark since The Office US ended, and arguably one of the biggest success stories from the show was actress/writer Mindy Kaling. After penning plenty of standalone episodes for the iconic series, she went on to front an entirely new show of her own.

The Mindy Project has that unbeatable *sexually struggling millennial woman a la Ugly Betty* vibe which somehow makes sitcoms great. After six seasons and 117 episodes, the show came to an end in 2017.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars

drag race all stars

Photo via World Of Wonder

The RuPaul cinematic universe began to expand an entire decade ago, breaking out one of it’s biggest hits yet. All Stars made actual celebrities out of Jasmine Masters, Trixie Mattel and the late, great Chi Chi DeVayne to name a few.

This show is still alive and breathing, with six seasons down and an infinite number to go. With the introduction of Drag Race UK in 2019, people are constantly calling for our very own version of All Stars. Anyone else desperate to see Choriza May battle it out with Baga Chipz and Bimini Bon Boulash?

Each series is available now on Netflix.

Some Girls

some girls

Photo via BBC

An absolutely LEGENDARY show that was, in short, gone too soon. Some Girls was basically the female version of The Inbetweeners, except genuinely funny and relatable.

The completely clashing characters of Viva, Holly, Saz and Amber just *gelled* so well together, and I can’t stop thinking about Viva trying MDMA for the first time at a festival and dressing up as Where’s Wally. So iconic.

This short-and-sweet show only lasted for three series, debuting in 2012 and finishing in 2014. BBC iPlayer recently dropped the full series for your viewing pleasure.

Bad Education

bad education

Photo via BBC

No matter how many times Jack Whitehall stumbles his way onto a Hollywood blockbuster, he’ll always be the pathetically loveable Mr. Wickers to me. From teaching sex education (“what’s a glitterish?”) to school fundraising (“give us all yer’ fucking money now”), student teachers can only aspire to be as genuinely inspirational as him.

This series made stars of Isobel Gomez (Doctor Who) and Sarah Solemani (Bridget Jones’ Baby) as well as Mr. Big Red Dog himself. Not bad for a slightly-cheesy sitcom set in a secondary school.



Photo via ABC

Remember when musical TV shows were a thing and people actually enjoyed them? Nashville premiered at the height of the Glee era, starring AHS’ Connie Britton and iconic actress Hayden Panettiere. This show was the absolute peak of high camp – it had drama, laughs and country music. The pair *actually* went on tour. FOUR TIMES.

After six bingeworthy seasons, the ABC original finally came to an end in mid-2018. You can currently stream the entire series on Hulu Plus.

Gravity Falls

gravity falls

Photo via Disney

There are two types of people in this world – those young enough to remember watching Gravity Falls as a kid, and those who secretly watched it well into their teens. One of Disney XD’s (RIP sweet prince) finest vintage shows, I’d say.

This cartoon was so high quality they only made two seasons of it. A brother-sister duo left essentially on their own in an eerie new town, solving mysteries and making friends along the way? Sounds like the kind of wholesome content we all need right now.

Each episode is available to stream on Disney+.

Line Of Duty

line of duty

Photo via BBC

It’s hard to believe a show like Line Of Duty is almost a decade old, when it still feels so *fresh* and relevant. Yes, it’s almost been 10 years since baby-faced Martin Compston and Steven Graham first appeared on our screens.

The police drama is still a main-stay on BBC One today, with series six having aired in May this year. Who knows what 2022 will bring? Will the producers introduce even more intense drama for their decade anniversary?


cuckoo bbc three 10 tv shows turning 10 in 2021

Photo via BBC Three

I can’t believe it’s almost been an entire decade since I thought to myself, “Taylor Lautner went from Twilight to a UK sitcom on not-even-BBC-one?” and “meh, I thought Man Down was better”. But here we are!

Joking aside, Greg Davies is a legend of the small screen and a comedy god. Cuckoo’s longevity (despite refreshing the cast a couple of times) speaks for itself, having lasted seven years and starring famous Andies like Andy Samberg and Andie McDowell.

You can currently watch all five series on BBC iPlayer.

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