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Christine Quinn is Netflix’s most iconic villain ever. Here are the reasons to prove it

‘Too many cooks in the kitchen, too many bitches in this office’

You really don’t need me to tell you how much of an icon Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset is, but I’m going to anyway. This woman is the best villain known to mankind, she is every reality TV producers dream and every co-star’s nightmare. There is no stopping Christine Quinn, she’s a bad bitch and I’m going to tell you why. From her iconic wardrobe to her famous one-liners, Christine really understood the assignment. Here’s every single reason why Christine Quinn is Netflix’s most iconic villain:

You could make kitchen wall art out of Christine Quinn’s quotes

When it comes to reality show mean girls, Christine Quinn is the queen of mean and she never misses a single shot. She’s savage, bold and glamorous – quite frankly, no one does it better than Christine Quinn. When she said “I’ll work with anyone to be at the top of my game. Hell, I’ll work with Satan if I need to,” I felt that. And of course her constant dragging of her colleagues is iconic as fuck, like when she said: “Every day I spend my life with these bitches in the office, I mean that is the charity event.” Absolutely outrageous but we’re still so obsessed with her.

Or what about when there was talks of her own spin off TV show from Selling Sunset and she straight up said: “I’m so tired of sharing screen time with those five other bitches.”

Christine is the ultimate style icon

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Christine is a woman who knows how to dress – no one does it quite like Christine Quinn. Her tailoring, bold colours and coordination are all immense. Hell, even her chilled out outfits are insane. And don’t even get me started on her confidence when she wears them because, christ almighty, she could work a bin bag.

She brings unlimited drama

Christine knows exactly what makes incredible reality television which makes sense considering she’s a five-foot-nine blonde bombshell with a lot to say. She is every reality TV producer’s dream because of how much drama she brings with her into the office.

The fact she towers over any man she stands next to is powerful

This is some queen shit

Christine Quinn is one of the world’s most powerful women and I am willing to die on this hill.

Her house is just as extra as you’d imagine

Obviously you’d expect the real estate agents from Selling Sunset to be extra but boy, oh boy, Christine Quinn really doesn’t disappoint. About a year ago she starred in a series of MTV Cribs and showed viewers around her LA home. The tour included a games room, home cinema and a very casual real life tiger in her garden – naturally.

We should all really strive to be more like Christine. She’s candid, funny, fashionable and a complete and utter girl boss who doesn’t take shit from anyone.

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