Quiz: How well do you really remember the original Gossip Girl?

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Gossip Girl ended nearly 10 years ago and yet here I am still obsessed with Blair, Serena and constantly rewatching the old episodes on BBC iPlayer. Yes there may be an entire reboot of the series, but true fans know there is only one Gossip Girl. If you really count yourself as a Gossip Girl then you should have no problem getting full marks on our trivia quiz.

This bumper quiz is full of a mixture of easy and hard questions about the incredibly chaotic characters and ridiculous storylines. In six seasons the Gossip Girl characters were engaged, editors in chief, in jail, sleeping with everyone and somehow managed to do it all before their 25th birthdays. Talk about over-achievers.

There has been no other teen drama that has truly impacted an entire generation. Blair Waldorf got thousands of teenage girls obsessed with macarons, peonies and headbands. But whilst you might remember everything about Blair what about the rest of the cast and all the crazy plots?

To truly find out if you’re an actual Gossip Girl fan test your knowledge with this trivia quiz:

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