Quiz: Which Gossip Girl guy would you end up with?

Pls not Dan Humphrey

In our early teenage years Gossip Girl was everything. The fashion, New York and Blair were our lives, and let’s be honest we were also very much there for the boys.

Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald and Dan Humphery had 14-year-old me’s heart in their palm of their hands. And we all had our favourite rich boy we wanted to get with.

Because whilst they all seem like preppy spoilt guys they’ve each got a very different vibe. Dan is alternative, ambitious and you know Gossip Girl. Nate is fit, down to earth and career focused. And Chuck is a fine dresser, flirty talker and will always get his revenge if you piss him off.

But which one would you end up with? This is not a simple who would you get with quiz, because in Gossip Girl they all kissed and shagged each other so much, you’d probably get with all of them. No this is all about which of the Upper East siders would be your long term man, the guy you’re gonna build a life, marry and maybe have kids with. If you get Dan, I’m truly sorry.

So which Gossip Girl boy would you end up with? Take this quiz to find out:

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