Quiz: Which girl from Gossip Girl are you actually?

Look, we can’t all be Blair

The answer every girl wants to get in this Gossip Girl quiz is of course, the icon that is Blair Waldorf. Intelligent, funny and an incredible dresser. Her love of Chuck Bass and macarons knows no bounds. We all wanted to be her when we first started watching the show all those years ago, and let’s be honest we’d all still wear one of her headbands now.

However not everyone is destined to be Blair. Some of us are more like Serena van der Woodsen. I know, I hate to say it too. Others have experienced a personal journey like Jenny Humphrey. Going from a shy people pleasing girl to a woman who gives zero fucks.

Or perhaps when you were watching the show you related to Vanessa more. You’re on the edge of the group – art and culture are more your thing than shopping and parties.

Either way, we all know which Gossip Girl character we really want to be. So take this highly scientific quiz to find out which girl from Gossip Girl you actually are:

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