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Ranked: These are the net worths of the Gossip Girl families

Dan actually wasn’t poor at all

One thing I always think when rewatching old episodes of Gossip Girl is how much money they all had. We know it was a lot – endless shopping, parties and international trips explains that. Oh and it’s a fictional show of course, so money isn’t really an object. But actual money wise, how much did each family have?

Well someone on TikTok created a video estimating the net worths of the five main families. And wow they are all minted. Even Dan Humphrey.

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Now I’m not too sure how the person on TikTok worked out these figures, so I did my own digging to assess the financial situations of Blair and co. And turns out they were pretty much on it with the figures with the exception of Chuck who was probably worth even more than they estimated.

These are the supposed net worths of the Gossip Girl families:

The Humphreys: $2-4 million

So despite Dan’s moaning about being poor, turns out he was completely lying. But what’s new there? If you think about it owning a loft in Brooklyn in the 2000s would probably have cost at least $1million. Add to that Rufus being a 90s musician who would be getting royalties 24/7 and running an art gallery – that’s a lot of dollar adding up. Art can be sold at ridiculous prices and yet Dan was really out here claiming to be so hard done by.

The Archibalds: $400-500 million

Nate is the second “poorest” of the Gossip Girl characters. I wouldn’t mind being poor with $400million. Nate’s mother was supposed to be a fictional descendant of the Vanderbilt family, a real New York family who were once the richest in America. Gloria Vanderbilt an actual member of the family who died last year, was said to have a fortune of $200 million. If Nate’s mother was meant to be in comparison to the real family then that’s at least half of the Archibald’s money.

And then Nate’s father was a banker who despite his 20-year-fraud sentence would have made a load of money. Some investment bankers earn a base salary of $180k add on plenty of bonuses and you’re adding up a lot of zeros.

The Waldorfs: $550-700 million

Everyone’s favourite Blair is thought to be a nod to the Astor family who created the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, who were once one of the richest families in America. Combined with Blair’s mother’s career as a fashion designer they definitely wouldn’t have been short of cash.

The Van der Woodsens: $1.5-2 billion

Serena’s father William was a billionaire surgeon in the book series of Gossip Girl which probably translated to the show series. And then Serena’s mum Lily, was the daughter of Rick and CeCe Rhodes who ran a record label in LA. Owning a record label can earn you a net worth in the billions so no wonder the Van Der Woodsens were rolling in it.

And let’s not forget that when Lily married Bass she upped the figures in the bank accounts as well.

The Bass family: $2billion

The Bass family of Chuck, his dad and Jack were meant to be based on the real Bass family in New York. In 2009 the real Robert Bass had a net worth of $4.5 billion.

However in the series Chuck’s dad is described as having “more towers than Trump, and more bucks than Bloomberg” in a 2008 episode of Gossip Girl. Michael Bloomberg had a net worth of $11.5 billion in 2008. So if Bart was earning more than that, then the Bass family at least had a net worth of $12 billion. Which is an insane amount. No wonder Blair married him.

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