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This is where the ‘I’m so happy, I’m so sad’ TikTok audio is actually from

It’s not Cooking Mama

Few TikTok audios have captured my attention quite like the “I’m so happy, I’m so sad” sound. My For You Page is a sea of people sharing the things that make them happy and sad practically simultaneously. And now I just have one question – where the hell is the audio from?

If your brain isn’t full of the high pitched cartoon voice instantly switching their emotions, then here’s a little introduction to it. The audio is currently one of the biggest on TikTok with over 40 million hashtags on the app so far. TikTokers are using the audio to sum up their feelings about something that makes them happy like falling asleep after a day of feeling tired and then instantly changing their mind to sadness when they can’t actually fall asleep.

@flo.create_Anyone else? 🤣♬ original sound – Trixisye

The audio sounds incredibly cartoonish and some people have theorised it came from the iconic game of our childhood Cooking Mama. However whilst it’s from a game it’s not from Cooking Mama, this is the actual story behind the audio.

Where is the ‘I’m so happy, I’m so sad’ TikTok audio from?

This viral audio is from the 2019 Japanese mobile game “Love Live School Idol Festival All Stars”.

The game is part of a larger franchise about a group of friends who are working together to become a girl group.

The audio comes from a specific part in the game where users can bond with the characters in order to unlock new episodes. The character speaking the now iconic sound is Mari Ohara.

In the clip from the video game she is seen looking happy and then downcast and says “I’m so sad”.

Featured image credit before edits via Delila Ziebart/Unsplash

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