Drag Race UK season three vote

VOTE: Who will take the crown and win Drag Race UK season three?

There are five queens left – and it’s time to have your say

After the sudden, unjust and cruel double elimination of River Medway and Choriza May last week on season three of Drag Race UK, the final seven unceremoniously got depleted to top five. With only five queens left in the competition, the heat is truly ON to see which of the competitors is going to take home that crown. It’s a final five where not one of the queens is similar to another, the track records aren’t wildly differing and it feels like the rest of the episodes are really going to change everything in establishing frontrunners. But before RuPaul gets to decide and crown our third season winner, have your say by casting your vote on who will win Drag Race UK season three below:

Vanity Milan

Vanity started off the competition shakily with two times lip syncing in a row, but since getting her first RuPeter Badge for the group win in the girl group challenge, she’s been on an upwards trajectory. She’s been getting more praise for her makeup and her runways as the season’s gone on – but do you think she will take the crown?

Scarlett Harlett

Scarlett Harlett has had a rocky season, with quite a strong start and an early win for her truly gorgeous gown that she crafted for the Campfire Couture category on the design challenge. Since then, she’s found herself in the bottom and lip syncing twice, and had a bad time especially on the acting challenge week when the majority of the queens said she deserved to go home. Do you think she’ll turn it back round and take the win?

Kitty Scott-Claus

Drag Race UK season three vote

Kitty is a bit of a fan fave thanks to her great sense of humour and all round good vibe, but she has up to this point failed to secure a win in the competition. But what works in Kitty’s favour is she’s also made no missteps, and hasn’t landed in the bottom at all. Do you think Kitty will get a RuPeter Badge in the episodes to come and win the season?

Krystal Versace

Drag Race UK season three vote

Krystal Versace won the first two maxi challenges on the trot this season, and has established herself early on as a frontrunner and one to watch. It’s clear from how RuPaul talks to her that he is enamoured with Krystal’s taste level, telling her last week that she “was born to do drag”. Krystal has two wins under her belt and not a single bottom placement, but do you think she will win that crown?

Ella Vaday

Drag Race UK season three vote

Whilst Ella has done well across the entire competition, she started off slowly. After a few weeks of safe placing, she gained her first win with the girl group challenge – helping bring Pick N Mix to victory. Her biggest success yet came in the form of her winning Snatch Game performance, where she won the most famous challenge in the shows’s history with a spot on impersonation of Nigella Lawson. Her runways have always been clean and well executed, and she has no bottom placements. Will Ella win the crown?

Vote for who you think will win Drag Race UK season three below:

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