I know it ain't the Stallion TikTok

Ok so where is ‘I know it ain’t the Stallion? You know it’s your girl’ on TikTok actually from?

Oh oh oh oh oh oh!

I honestly cannot stress enough how obsessed I am with the TikTok sound that is inescapable on every For You Page in the world right now. You know (it’s your girl!) the one. TikTok FYPs across the globe are filled with the infectious bellowing vocals of “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I know it ain’t, I know it ain’t the Stallion – you know it’s your girl!” and everyone from Ed Sheeran to Aljaž and Janette from Strictly are using the audio. But where is it from originally and what the hell is it?

@edsheeranSecurity Kev ❤️♬ KeyKey Palmer – ConTejas

Okay, so, it’s Keke Palmer talking

Queen Keke Palmer was doing the red carpet interviews for Vogue’s coverage of the 2021 Met Gala, when in typical Keke fashion she spontaneously burst into her “I know it ain’t the Stallion” line that is now huge on TikTok. But it wasn’t until later down the line, when crafty TikTok creators got hold of it, that the interview became stuff of meme legend.

It got remixed by a TikTok jazz musician called ConTejas and it BLEW UP

@contejasmusicReply to @thatyeastt Absolutely! ##fyp ##piano ##harmony ##jazz ##musiciansoftiktok ##comedy♬ KeyKey Palmer – ConTejas

At the end of September, TikTok creator @contejasmusic put the Keke “I know it ain’t the Stallion” interview intro to piano in a jazz style, and because it’s so perfectly infectious, it blew up as a TikTok sound. It’s actually insane how great it works, Keke Palmer is literally serving full on VOCALS. After getting requested to make it into a useable sound, it’s racked up over 300,000 videos and has been used by everyone from Max Balegde to Meghan Trainor. Iconic. Watch some of the best videos using the “I know it ain’t the Stallion” sound below:

@guywithamoviecamera##ad I have not yet recovered from making this TikTok at the @lastnightinsoho premiere🥲 ##anyataylorjoy ##lastnightinsoho ##film ##movies ##horrortok ##filmmakersoftiktok ##thequeensgambit ##sponsored♬ KeyKey Palmer – ConTejas

@meghantrainor👩‍👦♬ KeyKey Palmer – ConTejas

@bbcstrictlyJanette and Aljaž though ❤️ ##Strictly ##ItTakesTwo ##fyp ##iknowitaintthestallion @jmanrara♬ KeyKey Palmer – ConTejas

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