Quiz: Plan a Halloween night and we’ll tell you what to dress up as

Spooky or sexy?

It’s less than two days until Halloween, so you really should have thought of a costume by now. However if you’re still scratching your head of who to go as then take our quiz and we’ll tell you exactly what to wear this Halloween.

In this quiz you’ll plan a Halloween night and from your answers we’ll tell you what kind of costume you should wear. There are actually all kind of Halloween nights. There’s club nights, house parties and of course running around a haunted maze, because why not?

If you’re all about a night out at a fancy club with champagne and Love Islanders then you should probably wear a basic bitch devil or sexy cat costume, because let’s be honest you only like Halloween for the Instagram opportunities. However if you’re a proper horror movie fan will who definitely be attending a Fright Night style event then you need to go all out with the costume. I’m talking the look of Pennywise, Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees.

To find out who you should really be this Halloween, plan a night of spooky fun and we’ll tell you who to dress up as:

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