This is what everyone is dressing up as this Halloween, according to Google

Yes everyone is getting Squid Game costumes

There’s just a week to go before Halloween and if you’re still in search of a costume then these are the outfits everyone else is frantically googling for some last minute inspiration.

Every year there are searches for costumes inspired by the big TV shows of the year. Last year everyone was wearing Carole Baskin inspired outfits and Emily in Paris looks complete with berets. However this year the Netflix show everyone is going to be copying for Halloween looks is Squid Game with the Google searches peaking just a few days ago.

Of course Halloween costumes don’t just come from TV shows. The classic outfits of witch, fairy and devil all still seem to be incredibly popular according to Google Trends.

We’ve compiled the most searched for Halloween costumes according to Google Trends so you can either blend in with the crowd and wear a very popular look or know exactly what to not to wear and be the centre of attention at your Halloween party.

This is what everyone is dressing up as for Halloween this year according to Google:

Squid Game

via Netflix

Is anyone surprised? Of course the biggest show of the year, quite possibly ever, is going to be the inspiration for loads of costumes this year.

And it’s just not one character you could go as. There’s the classic green tracksuit, the red workers’ boilersuit and as some people are doing on TikTok a sexy version of the red light green light doll, because why not?

Police woman

Ngl quite surprised about this one but there you go for some reason people wanna dress up as police officers.

Searches for police costumes are raising with a 500 per cent increase and women’s police costumes is a breakout search.


If there’s ever a Halloween costume which will reign supreme it’s the devil.

Every year there will always be one girl at the party who really couldn’t be asked to think of a costume. So she’ll throw on some devil horns, still look fit and probably do the same next year.

Jason Voorhees

Now this is what you call an actually terrifying Halloween costume. One of the breakout searches for Halloween this year is Jason Voorhees from the Friday 13th series.

His iconic scary mask is pretty easy to find online, just maybe leave the machete at home for the party.

Black angel

An angel just isn’t cutting it any more now people want to be a dark angel complete with black wings.


Is this Mean Girls?

Lara Croft

If we’re being honest Lara Croft is essentially the pick me girl of Halloween costumes. She’s sexy but can also get dirty and take down any man and searches are up for the costume are up by 250 per cent.


Not as popular as the black angel but people still want to look heavenly on the most scary day of the year.


via Instagram @kendalljenner

The witch costume is usually the first one you wear as a kid and you don’t tend to get many adults dressing up as witches unless they’re Kendall Jenner, looking effortlessly cool whilst doing it.


Searches for fairy Halloween costumes have gone up by 90 per cent in the last 30 days.

Though it can easily be a kids costume there’s plenty of adult fairy inspiration including Lila Moss at her recent birthday party and Kendall Jenner again in her gold fairy costume two years ago.


This is a pretty rogue one but maybe after the last year people just want to spread the love. Also it’s a fairly easy costume to do – find a cute red dress, some stockings and a fake bow and arrow.

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