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Debunking Unsent Messages: The website where you can send texts that are never received

There are some very juicy texts in here

We all know TikTok isn’t the most reliable source of information, but we can all agree that it’s incredible for showing us fun websites. The latest website is Unsent Messages, it has a collection of over half a million unsent texts. But there’s been some confusion in the comment section of a viral video and it’s got people thinking what exactly is Unsent Messages?? And can I read texts to me that have been unsent? This is a deep dive into whether the website actually shows us all of our unsent messages, or not.

So on the website it says the texts are submitted anonymously, they’re then stored digitally and ordered into an online archive! So we can confirm that the website thankfully doesn’t have a single one of your drunk texts that you’ve managed to delete the morning after.

Here’s how Unsent Messages works:

• Search unsent messages into Google and click the first one

• You’ll then be met with a big search bar, that’s where you can type your name

• Or, alternatively, there’s an option to submit your own if you fancy it

• Finally, enjoy scrolling through all of the unsent messages to you

People who have used the website after finding it through the viral TikTok have left comments. A lot of people are saying they cannot see any messages when searching their name, this is because no one has submitted a message they’d want to send you. It’s really common, but if you search your first name only then it’s likely you’ll find something.

Other people who have been able to find messages on the website when searching their name have commented on the TikTok, one user said: “I feel like they’re all aimed at me even though they aren’t”. Someone else commented: “Mine are definitely from toxic exes who still love me” – it’s a big mood. Let’s take a look at some of the juiciest unsent messages on the website:

Simped for HOW many years???

Someone else apparently went to text a person called Kavan about their poor technique in bed and I think it’s quite jokes this one never got sent.


And this one is so juicy: “Truthfully, go fuck yourself. I finally discovered who I really love. And it was never you.” Imagine being on the receiving end of this message. Savage.

It’s actually a pretty jokes website and if you’re keen on submitting your own texts then you can follow the link here. Happy texting!

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