Midnight Mass reactions

These 21 Midnight Mass memes are so jokes that even Bev Keane cracked a smile

Number 8: Mike Flanagan understood the assignment loool

Midnight Mass is Netflix’s latest cursed series brought to us by Mike Flanagan, director of The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor. It’s a seven-part series which takes place on an isolated island and follows the lives of those living on it. The community of islanders begin to experience batshit crazy miracles happening after a weird (but hot) priest arrives. Midnight Mass is very addictive and those who can’t take their eyes off it have been sharing their reactions on Twitter.

The show is full of jump scares and terrifying moments. It emotionally exhausts you when you watch it, and it’s actually quite bloody and grim. Thankfully, though, we have some very funny memes to make the pain go away. Here are the best reactions to Midnight Mass on Netflix:

1. It’s like they’re incapable of only saying one sentence

2. This Robert Pattison meme scares me more than the angel

3. This and ‘It’s all god’s will’

4. I love this man

5. Father Paul is terrifying but so hot

6. It’s a damn good plot!!

7. I’m the old lady aging backwards, what about you?

8. Mike Flanagan understood the assignment

9. She’s got a special place in hell

10. They’re everywhere!!

11. Okay but why is the giant chicken still scary?

12. The nightmares are worth it x

13. It’s all of those damn monologues!!

14. How DARE you, Mike

15. I thought angels had fluffy white wings and halos

16. I feel so seen right now

17. No thank you x

18. The Midnight Mass plot with no context:

19. You will listen to me and you will watch it

20. This is the exact face I made every time Erin and Riley spoke

21. The amount of similarities between them is unreal

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