Midnight Mass cast

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s terrifying Midnight Mass from

So many of them were in Bly Manor!!

Midnight Mass is Netflix’s latest terrifying series. It follows the lives of people living on Crockett Island, one of them being Riley Flynn who has just been let out of prison for drunk driving and killing someone. Riley returns to the island from the mainland and reunites with his old flame, Erin Greene. Everything seems a bit off and people seem on edge during the day but at night it’s ten times worse. Those few people living on the island notice something walking about in the dark and it’s terrifying. So yeah, Midnight Mass is very creepy but that’s understandable when you work out who the cast is made up of.

The show is directed by Mike Flanagan, aka the man who directed both The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor. He’s now rounded up some of his most talented regulars ever. This is where you recognise the cast of Midnight Mass from:

Warning: A few Midnight Mass spoilers ahead

Erin Greene

Midnight Mass cast

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Played by Kate Siegel, Erin is one of the show’s biggest characters. She first appears in the series as a supporting character but as the show progresses, she becomes a crucial part in the lives of everyone living on Crockett Island. Erin mysteriously returns to the island after leaving her abusive mother, but she returns from the mainland in an attempt to be free of her abusive husband. She starts off pregnant and navigating her way as a single mother-to-be. But as Crockett Island struggles, Erin becomes the only source of light.

Kate Siegel is the wife of the show’s director, Mike Flanagan and she has been churning out iconic performances in every show she’s been in. We’ve seen her in Haunting of Hill House playing the role of Theodora Crain and we’ve watched her as the main character Maddie in Hush. And most recently she was Viola Lloyd (aka The Lady of the Lake) in Bly Manor.

Ed Flynn

In the Midnight Mass series, Ed Flynn is played by Henry Thomas. He’s pretty hard to recognise though under loads of makeup making him look older. But as the show progresses, Ed gets younger and healthier. He then loses layers of his makeup, and his emotional side begins to show.

Like Siegel, Henry Thomas’ most well known performances are in Haunting of Hill House where he played Hugh Crain and Bly Manor where he played Henry Wingrave, the uncle of the two children. Henry also made an appearance as Peter’s father in Netflix’s To All the Boys: Always and Forever!!

Sheriff Hassan

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The sheriff is a subtle character in Midnight Mass, Rahul Kohli who plays the sheriff shows him as a quiet man. He’s one of the only practicing Muslims on the island and constantly faces racism directed toward him from other residents on the island. But besides Midnight Mass, Rahul is most famous for winning all of our hearts when he played the chef Owen Sharma in Bly Manor.

Riley Flynn

Midnight Mass cast

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Unlike the others, Zach Gilford who plays Riley didn’t appear in either The Haunting of Hill House or Bly Manor. Riley is the son of Ed Flynn and the love interest of Erin, he’s the first person we see clock the stranger lurking around outside in the dark.

Unsurprisingly this is Zach’s most popular role he’s been cast in, but for those Midnight Mass lovers who are also diehard Taylor Swift fans, you’ll still recognise Zach. In 2011 Zach starred as Taylor’s love interest in her music video to Ours. So you could say he’s a bit of an A lister if you ask me.

Bev Keane

Midnight Mass cast

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In Midnight Mass Bev Keane is played by Samantha Sloyan. She’s the woman who works closest to Father Paul and has a lot of power over all the residents living on the island. This is Samantha’s biggest role to date but you still might recognise her from her appearance in The Haunting of Hill House where she played Steven’s wife, Leigh. She’s also starred in Grey’s Anatomy where she played Dr. Penelope Blake!!

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