Love Island All Stars

I don’t want this text! Ex-Love Islanders have teased an All Stars series

This music video is hell

Ex-Islanders, Michael Griffiths, Michael Boateng, Joe Garrett and Biggs Chris have teased a Love Island All Starts series.

Love Island’s seventh season ended a few weeks ago back in August and, to be honest, we haven’t massively missed it.

Michael Griffiths and Joe popped up in a new new music video for Hardy Caprio’s song, I Luv You, where they filmed and recreating iconic scenes from the show. There are clips of them stepping forward for someone they fancy and Hardy spends a lot of his time in the beach hut.

You can watch the full music video here:

In between shots of them dancing around and yelling out “I’ve got a text” (ick), they each shared their thoughts on a new possible All Stars series.

Joe said the music video made him feel like he was back in the villa. He said: “I’d actually love to do an All Stars Love Island, could you imagine that? Also, there was a girl on my season I wish I had a proper chance with, so hopefully I could get that on the All Stars one!”

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Michael Griffiths, who was on season five alongside Joe, said: “If there was an All Stars version, I’d bring the same vibes but be more open about things. I think it would be a laugh to be in there with the likes of Josh and Wes, alongside my boys Chris, Jordan and Danny but I think great additions would be the likes of Kaz, Ellie Brown and Gee Steel.” Why is Michael’s dream All Stars the most chaotic group of Islanders ever??

Biggs Chris, who has just recently split from Rebecca Gromley after they met on winter Love Island said he’d also like another go in the villa. He says: “You don’t need to ask me twice. My journey on Love Island wasn’t long enough but I did manage to find love and now recently becoming single, I’m ready to mingle. I’m not getting any younger and I really want a family.”

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