Love Island Gossip Column: Jake says Love Island manipulated his scenes?! And Georgia’s working at Lidl!

Plus, Liam was scouted for Love Island THREE years in a row?!

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2021 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Liam was scouted for Love Island THREE times

via Instagram @liamreardon1

Liam has said he was asked to go on the show back in 2019 and 2020, before finally going on Love Island this year – meaning he was scouted for the show three whole times. It definitely all worked out for the best though, because he went on to win this year.

Speaking to WalesOnline in a Facebook livestream, Liam said: “I was actually supposed to go on there when I was 19, so a few years ago now. I didn’t end up going on there, then I was supposed to go on the winter one, and I chose not to go on that one.”

He also said he was meant to go on 2020’s summer Love Island after turning down the winter version, but it was then cancelled due to coronavirus.

But Liam said he thinks everything happens for a reason, saying he wouldn’t have met Millie if he’d gone on the show in a previous year.

“I’ve gone on there this year and it’s all worked out perfect, so I couldn’t be more grateful,” he said.

Georgia’s gone back to working in Lidl

via Instagram @georgiatownend_

Georgia Townend wasn’t even in Love Island for two days, but since leaving the villa she’s stolen the hearts of the nation and people are even saying they want her to take over from Laura Whitmore and host the show.

But we might have to wait a while longer for this, because now the marketing executive is back doing her day job – at Lidl.

Georgia shared a post on Instagram of her in front of an artsy version of the Lidl logo, captioning it: “The HBIC* [*Head Bitch In Charge] has returned 💁🏼‍♀️  Yes I work for @lidlgb and yes that’s likely a contributing factor as to why my time in the villa was so short.

“It’s been instilled into me my entire career that checkouts should be as speedy as possible.”

Jake says Love Island manipulated his scenes to make him the ‘villain’

via Instagram @jakecornish7

Jake has accused ITV of manipulating his scenes with Liberty to make him the “villain” and destroy their relationship.

In an interview, he told MailOnline there were unaired scenes of him telling Liberty how he was feeling. He said: “‘It isn’t nice I’ve been painted this way as a pantomime villain. It isn’t the nicest to come across as someone I’m not.”

He also brought up the Movie Night episode, where Islanders were shown clips of Jake saying he didn’t want to rip Liberty’s clothes off, which obviously hugely upset her.

He said he’s had a huge “backlash” from the show, saying: “During the Movie Night they had to bring back a clip from Day Two to make me look bad. I’m sorry but Day Two? Everyone’s got opinions but that was taken out of context. I had to sit back and take it.

“They’ve got to make storylines but it isn’t nice when you’re on the back end. Liberty and I were big parts of the show; it was a way to make something out of it, which is a shame really. At the time I was like ‘what the hell?'”

A spokesperson for ITV told MailOnline: “The opinions they have, decisions they make and the relationships formed are completely within the control of the Islanders themselves.

“It is always our intention to produce a show that is a fair and accurate representation of life in the villa.”

Faye and Teddy are getting married?!

Being VERY chill in a radio interview, Faye has said she and Teddy are going to get married and have kids.

Speaking on Capital XTRA, she was asked about future plans with Teddy. Presenter Will Njobvu asked: “Is it, you know, is it too soon to think about maybe children in the future? Or, like, marriage? Can you see this happening? At least is that in the vision?'”

Faye replied saying: “Oh it’s happening! Oh, I’m not letting this one get away!”, before saying she and Teddy’s “main priority” at the moment is looking for somewhere to live together.

via Instagram @faye__winter

She’s then going to get back into doing volunteering, where she works with guide dogs, but definitely wants to “work towards” marriage and everything else their future holds. Move over Alex and Olivia, we may have another Love Island wedding on the cards!

Faye also said Teddy’s met a whole load of her family down in Devon, and she’s seen his mum in London.

Jake missed the reunion because he thought he had Covid

Some people thought it was verrrry suspicious when Jake didn’t come to the Love Island reunion show – it was said he was having to miss it due to illness, but people online were questioning whether this was actually true.

But now Jake’s said he was actually bed-bound, and thought he may have had coronavirus. He told MailOnline: “It would have been nice to see everyone and be together again. It’s a shame I couldn’t go but when you’re ill you don’t want to do anything. I bought a nice suit and everything for it.

“Friday evening, I was in bed, Saturday I felt like a truck had hit me and it got worse.” (The reunion show was on the Sunday.) Jake continued, saying: “I have been tested for Covid and all my tests have come back negative. I may have been fighting Covid without knowing I had it.”

Brad called Laura Whitmore’s questions ‘stupid’

via Instagram @brad_mcclell

Lots of people had complaints after the absolute car crash that was the Love Island reunion episode, and now Brad has slammed Laura Whitmore for her “stupid questions”.

In the reunion show, Laura asked Brad how he felt when Lucinda, who he’d been coupled up with, started cracking on with Aaron as soon as Brad was dumped from the villa. He sarcastically told Laura: “Yeah I loved it, it turned me on”.

Speaking to OK!, he said this was a “stupid question” he’s sick of. He said: “The reason I answered the way I did, is because every single interview I did upon leaving asked me ‘how did seeing Lucinda with Aaron make you feel?’

“I’m sick of answering that question, I’m sure the public are sick of hearing us answer that question, so I thought ‘d’ya know what? Screw this, I’ll come up with a daft question!’

“Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer!”

Brad’s cracking on with someone from Too Hot To Handle?

Brad has also recently sparked romance rumours, with none other than Too Hot To Handle’s Chloe Veitch. Influencer Chloe, from Essex, was on Too Hot To Handle season one, and then The Circle US.

Fans have been speculating the two may be together after he liked a number of Chloe’s bikini pics on Instagram, the Sun reports. The two also follow each other on Instagram – and Brad follows less than 500 people right now.

There’s not much evidence of them being together other than this though, so who knows. But if Brad and Chloe WERE together, they’d defo be a very fit couple.

Last week people were also thinking our very own Love Island gal Liberty may be an item with Brad, after they posted cute pictures together at Liberty’s 22nd birthday celebrations. The Insta comments were an absolute frenzy of people saying they “ship” the pair.

Featured image via Instagram @georgiatownend_

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