Love Island Gossip Column: TWO Islanders are back with exes! And Hugo is STILL arguing with the girls

Let it go, Mr Hammond!

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2021 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Shannon has got back with her DJ ex

Shannon is back with her ex-boyfriend who she was with before the villa. There had been rumours floating around that the pair reunited in the last month or so, but now they have gone Insta official. She’s with DJ Ben Stirling, who she had reportedly been dating last year, and they split just before Shannon appeared on the show.

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip and news from this year's Islanders

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When the cast for Love Island 2021 was first announced, it was rumoured Shannon had a DJ boyfriend “until a few days ago”. Now after being in the villa for 48-hours and refusing to kiss people in the challenges she’s got back with a DJ ex. Hmmm. 👀

A makeup artist has gone IN on Priya for asking for freebies

Priya has found herself in hot water this week, getting on the wrong side of a small business owner by asking for freebies in return for posting about services on Instagram. The makeup artist has gone quite in on Priya, calling her a “two second celebrity” who allegedly tried trashing her business after she refused to work a six hour shift for her for free.

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The makeup artist claims she was approached by Priya, who asked her to do her makeup in return for exposure and posts on Instagram. However, the artist has 85,000 followers more than Priya does, and claims Priya cancelled her appointment and blocked her online when it became clear she wouldn’t get the services for free. Priya allegedly messaged her saying she would have to cancel as other makeup artists were willing to do it for free.

People think Liberty and Brad are an item?!!

Ok, so people are absolutely convinced that Liberty and Brad are going to be together after they posted cute pictures together at Liberty’s 22nd birthday celebrations. Sharing pictures from the evening, the only boy Liberty posted a picture alone with was Brad, and he posted the same picture captioned: “Views upon views”. Is he calling Liberty a view? Because he would be CORRECT.

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip and news from this year's Islanders

via Instagram @brad_mcclell

The comments are in a frenzy. One person said: “Ok but I ship this” another added that they look “so cute together” whilst others commented that they should “couple up”, already naming them “Briberty”. I’m here for it.

Jake has snapped back at the way the show edited him and made him look

Whilst he was in the villa, Jake was perceived as being “fake” and “staged” with his feelings towards Liberty, on multiple occasions. But now he’s out of the villa, he’s snapped back at all this and blames the show’s editing for not showing the situations how they truly were.

In a Q&A on Instagram, one viewer asked Jake: “Well unfair the way the public reacted to you on the show. What’s your thoughts on it?” Jake replied: “If people knew what was said which wasn’t aired I think people would believe differently.”

Abi is also back with her ex, so we can all forget about our Abi and Dale dreams

The dreams we have of Abi and Dale getting together after they looked so perfect leaving the villa are over, because Abi is reportedly back with her ex. In an interview with FUBAR Radio, tattoo artist Abi clarified her and Dale are just friends and went on to say she is “actually dating someone at the moment”. She then went on to say that the mystery person was an ex boyfriend, who she had been thinking about whilst she was in the villa.

She explained that he “was actually the first person I messaged once I got my phone back” and that she is “really happy”. “I didn’t find love in the villa but it’s fine, it was waiting back home for me,” she said. Ok, now that is cute.

People are backing Georgia to be the next host of Love Island and all I have to say is yes!!!

We were robbed of Georgia Townend. A day in the villa simply wasn’t enough for a woman who has now become an Islander queen. She’s been posting hilarious video commentary of the show, slated the god awful reunion and then at Liberty’s birthday party bash with the Islanders she went around interviewing them all and made her own reunion – which was a million times better than what we got.

All of this has had people requesting she hosts the show next year, so much so a “source” has even gone to the Sun to talk to the publication about it. They said: “Georgia has been really popular with fans since she left the show and they loved her interviews with the cast mates. There has been lots of talk about Laura Whitmore being replaced – and viewers really like the idea of Georgia. It looks like she has a career in TV at any rate thanks to her hilarious Instagram videos.”

Faye’s ex is starring in a new dating show on ITV2

Not many people have really cared about new ITV2 dating show Ready To Mingle, but you might care a little more knowing that one of the contestants is Faye’s ex. Chris Baber, who is from Cornwall and is appearing in the series, revealed he has previously dated Faye. He said they used to go to school together and went on a date, but didn’t click.

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip and news from this year's Islanders

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You guessed it, Hugo is STILL beefing with the girls from the show

For some context here, there is no rest for the beef between Hugo and his string of “exes” from the show. The drama began when the Islanders all went on a night out, and AJ said that Hugo was “on his phone the whole time” and “didn’t give us the time of day”. Amy then said Hugo was “kissing everyone” in the club, and AJ added: “He was being a club rat in front of me, Georgia and Amy.” “It’s like, ok, you didn’t want any of us girls but you’ll go for some girl you met ten seconds ago in a club,” she said.

Back to how much of a hero Georgia is, in her remake of the reunion she actually managed to uncover a lot more beef than the real reunion could have dreamed of. She asked Hugo about the drama between him and the girls, and he said: “It’s just a shame that they keep bringing me up in the press and whatnot.” She then asked if he’s going to stay friends with any of the girls from the show, and he replied: “Look, you know, as long as they stop talking about me then it’s cool.”

The pettiest drama ever, but I just want more.

92 per cent of viewers absolutely hated the reunion episode

The Love Island 2021 reunion has been swamped with bad press. It was branded as boring and awkward when it first aired, the Islanders themselves started slating it, and it got so much that Laura Whitmore had to literally tell people to complain to ITV because she couldn’t answer all the questions she was getting about it. Since then, Shannon Singh has said she felt “bullied” and “humiliated” by the episode, adding that she’d spent a whole day crying and expected “better treatment”.

In a poll held by the Tab, we asked people if they really did hate the episode. A huge 92 per cent of viewers agreed it was bad. The poll is still live, so vote below to have your say.

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