All the Islanders who have responded to the Love Island 2021 reunion episode

All the Islanders who have been salty about the Love Island 2021 reunion

‘That was a f***ing waste of time, but I went’

You’ll have seen by now that the Love Island reunion show has been slated. People have called it boring, pointless and a waste of time – and you can see why. The studio felt awkward, and if you think it may have looked like a few of the Islanders didn’t want to even be at the Love Island 2021 reunion, it’s because the didn’t.

Yep, the Islanders themselves have been dragging the show, not just the viewers. Host Laura Whitmore has responded to some of the backlash, explaining that the questions asked and arrangement of the show was all the personal “choice” of the Islanders. She also said that she will “call out” anyone “giving shit to our Islanders” – but they’re agreeing with most of the comments. Here’s what the Islanders have had to say about the Love Island 2021 reunion episode.

Shannon Singh

All the Islanders who have responded to the Love Island 2021 reunion episode

via Instagram @shannonsinghhh

48-hour wonder, Shannon Singh, has made it no secret she wasn’t impressed by the Love Island reunion this year. On her Instagram story she called it a “waste of time”, adding that there was “no need” for her to be there. She then went on to say she had opted to go straight to bed after filming, instead of attending the after party with her fellow Islanders.

“Well guys, that was a fucking waste of time, but I went, Miss 48-hour gang,” she said. “So yeah, I’m gonna cuddle in bed with my Domino’s and celebrate that Love Island is over. I ain’t bitter, I’m glowing. But, yeah, what a waste of time. There was really no need for me to be there. But it was great seeing everyone.”

She sarcastically added that her option was better than the after party, saying: “I’ve got a few people asking me why I’m not going to the afterparty. Bed and Domino’s, or the Love Island afterparty… let me think.” She then posted a video of her dress from the night, saying she was “giving it the airtime it deserves”. Savage.

Georgia Townend

All the Islanders who have responded to the Love Island 2021 reunion episode

via Instagram @georgiatownend_

Since she left the villa, Georgia has proved herself to be the Islander we didn’t know we needed until she was gone. She’s shared hilarious opinions on the show and been the support for Kaz and Tyler that really felt lacking at some points. And she’s been back again, this time mocking the reunion episode for all it’s worth.

She posted a video on her Instagram story, addressing people calling the show “boring” and “pointless” saying she “has to agree”. “I didn’t particularly enjoy it,” she said. “I didn’t think the questions were probing enough, I feel like there was a lot of tension there and it was awkward.” She also went on to explain that the atmosphere wasn’t helped by the studio being “freezing”. “I could have sworn my nipples were going to fall off at one point”, she said. “I said to the producers ‘if you see two little pink balls rolling around please return them to me because they’re my nipples’ but at least it was cold enough to keep me awake.” Yikes.

She posted another, using the viral sound of that boy talking about the football atmosphere being “electric” to sarcastically joke about the show, captioning the video: “Me after saying two words at the world’s most uneventful Love Island reunion.”

She shared the video on Instagram too, and fellow Islander and winner, Millie Court, commented saying: “Oh I love this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”. Islander Matthew MacNabb also said: “🤣🤣🤣🤣class.”

Kaila Troy

All the Islanders who have responded to the Love Island 2021 reunion episode

via Instagram @djkailatroy

Kaila Troy wasn’t exactly a pinnacle of the show this year, but apparently she did have some Casa Amor scenes with Teddy edited out. She missed the reunion, and didn’t seem too impressed that the show only addressed Jake Cornish not making it, and not her. “When they only said one person was missing from last night…hilarious,” she posted.

via Instagram @djkailatroy

Hugo Hammond

You can’t really blame Hugo for not having the best of times at the reunion. He was grilled over rejecting the girls and had to awkwardly sit next to all the women he didn’t find a connection with, and then Chloe straight up laughed in his face at the idea of him fancying her. In a TikTok, Hugo shared that he was “waiting to be roasted” on the show, with the caption reading that he’s “not feeling great about it but hey ho :/”.

Jake Cornish

Ok, so Jake hasn’t actually been salty about it. But he did skip out on the whole thing, which at this point I don’t think any of us blame him for.

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