Laura Whitmore responds to backlash over the Love Island 2021 reunion episode

Laura Whitmore has gone in on criticism of the Love Island 2021 reunion episode

People have said her statement ‘missed the mark’

Love Island was back this weekend, with Laura Whitmore hosting a 2021 reunion special of Aftersun. The episode faced a lot of backlash for being “boring” and “awkward” and Laura herself was criticised for the episode too. However now, she has spoken out against any bad word said about the show.

Viewers had a lot to say about the hour and a half episode, calling it a “waste of time”, wondering why Kaz and Tyler weren’t interviewed like other contestants up on the sofa, and were and saying Laura made the show awkward to watch. People also called Laura “disrespectful” for bringing up Jack Grealish allegedly liking some of Casa Amor Islander Lillie’s Instagram photos, when he has a girlfriend who may have been watching at home. Even the Islanders themselves have been slating the episode.

In a statement on Instagram, Laura Whitmore started by saying “shall I clarify a few things” before explaining some of the main things people had said about the Love Island 2021 reunion show. “Hundreds of people work on Love Island”, she said. “My job is not to organise seating arrangements. I barely know what seat I’m in before the show as set changes so much. We invited Kaz to sit with Toby for his exes segment but she didn’t want to and it’s her choice to make. Everything is run through with the Islanders beforehand. It’s all about choice!”

However this has sparked even more people to speak out about the show, saying Laura has “missed the mark” and Kaz should have been able to come up and discuss her journey with Tyler, and not just be labelled as a “side piece” of Toby’s.

Laura continued: “I only ask questions that are pre approved by the compliance division. A lot of meetings happen before I see the script and then I can add my voice.” She then went on to explain that, unlike previous years, the Islanders at the reunion this year did not have alcohol whilst filming so “are just regular people who were nervous on live telly”. She explained that she had “a large glass of wine before the show” which she “owed herself” after not drinking whilst filming other shows, due to her pregnancy.

Laura concluded her statement by adding she does “not have a bob” and her hair on the show was her own. She then said, “if I see anyone giving shit to our Islanders, I will call you out.”

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