Walk outs and secret chats: The shocking unaired Love Island 2021 scenes we never saw

I demand a Movie Night 2.0 where we see all of this

Despite how much we slated it at first, Love Island this year turned out to be pretty dramatic and was actually a good series. You have to admit it. However, it’s looking as though there were a whole bunch of unaired Love Island 2021 scenes that might have made the show even more of a rollercoaster than it already was.

From Islanders nearly walking out and quitting the show completely, to flirtatious conversations and secret feuds we never got to see – there was a lot going on in those 24-hours that got cut from the evening episodes.

Here are all the secret Love Island 2021 unaired scenes that the producers so meanly stole from us.

Faye nearly walked out the villa

The most shocking unaired scenes from Love Island 2021 including secret feuds and chats the producers cut out

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In the final, when Faye and Teddy sat down for a chat with Laura Whitmore, Faye made a shock confession that when she first arrived in the villa she hated it so much she wanted to go home. The viewers saw nothing of Faye’s upset, but in the chat she said: “I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to go home. I hated it. I wanted to go home. I wanted to ring my mum and dad and say, ‘Come and get me,’ but it worked out for the best.”

Liam had a cute way of showing Millie how much he liked her

During the live final, Millie also hinted at a moment that happened which she had assumed was shown to the viewers, but wasn’t. She had been speaking about when her and Liam told each other they loved each other for the first time, and said that her and Liam had been telling each other “I love stew” leading up to saying it properly. Why were we not shown this? It would have made me feel sick but I want it?

The most shocking unaired scenes from Love Island 2021 including secret feuds and chats the producers cut out

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Teddy apparently flirted with someone else in Casa Amor

Teddy real hasn’t had the best of it with the Casa Amor fallout, but apparently there was even more to the story that we never saw. Casa Amor bombshell, Kaila Troy, is claiming she had a connection with Teddy, but the producers cut the scenes. She says they talked and flirted frequently, telling the Daily Star: “Originally when I first went in there I liked Tyler but then when I had a conversation with him, I was like ‘hmm I don’t know about him’. Then the next day I was like, let me talk to Teddy a little bit more and I was like ‘I like Teddy’. I spoke to all the guys, but it was Teddy that I liked the most and we spoke a lot!”

She added: “I had a lot of conversations with him, I mean they didn’t show it but I had a lot of conversations with him. We used to work-out together and just talking about life, you know the whole shebang. We had a lot of good conversations.”

The most shocking unaired scenes from Love Island 2021 including secret feuds and chats the producers cut out

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Sharon says she spoke with Islanders about being bisexual, but the producers cut it

Sharon Gaffka says she had “a lot” of conversations about her sexuality whilst she was on the show, none of which made it into the episodes. Talking to the Metro, she said: “A lot of the conversations I had about modern dating on the show were never aired, but I was very open about sexuality and being a mixed-race woman in modern dating.

The viewers had no idea that Sharon is bisexual, but she actually spoke about it in the villa with Faye. During the chat, Sharon said: “It’s something that I’ve explored but I’ve never been in a relationship with a woman.”

Danny said that clips with him and Kaz were cut so that he could come across as the ‘bad boy’

Bombshell Danny Bibby has previously gone in on the show, saying it’s edited highly and the producers pick and choose which scenes to air to fit storylines for each cast member. He says he was cast as the “bad boy” this year, and because of this, scenes of him laughing with Kaz were cut.

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In a TikTok, he said: “I can’t emphasise enough how the show is made to be a show for entertainment. If they add someone as the ‘bad boy’ then showed me laughing and joking with Kaz, messing around with everyone, it wouldn’t fit the storyline. So they’ve got to edit it.”

He added: “I’m the nicest guy ever. But I do get why people think I’m some absolute psycho because I was the only one who had a pair of balls and said something when someone did something wrong. Some people need to relax and understand you’re watching an edited show for a story. If they showed you what everyone got up to you wouldn’t be interested, it’s just everyone having fun on holiday basically.”

Hugo said he had chats with Liberty that the producers cut because it didn’t fit the ‘Jiberty’ narrative

Hugo has said that he and Liberty had unaired conversations in the villa that the Love Island 2021 producers chose not show, because it would have changed perceptions of Liberty and Jake’s relationship. Speaking to Closer Online, alongside Islander Lucinda, Hugo said: “When I got back I spoke to my family and I said, ‘Oh did you see that Lib pulled me for a chat when Jake had a chat with Mills?’ and I don’t think it was shown, but me and Lib had a chat.” Lucinda added: “Oh! Was that not shown?”, and Hugo responded: “I don’t think so.” “Oh! That’s goss, tea central,” replied Lucinda.

Hugo also posted about this moment on TikTok, sharing it wasn’t shown to “protect Jiberty”. He posted the video just after it was shown that Liberty and Jake had broken up and were leaving the villa.

@hugo_hammondImagine what could have been 🤪 ##LoveIsland ##JDVaporMaxShuffle♬ original sound – multi edits🤍

Hugo also said he spoke about his disability in the villa, but this wasn’t aired

This year, Hugo was cast as the first ever physically disabled Islander, when it was revealed he has club foot. However, when he was in the villa this seemed to be completely ignored, and wasn’t spoken about even once. Speaking on his Instagram story, Hugo said he did speak to the other Islanders about his disability, but it wasn’t shown.

There was apparently a ‘secret feud’ between Chloe and Faye

Early on in the villa, there were rumours of a “secret feud” between Chloe and Faye. It all started after a game, when all the boys said that they’d couple up with Chloe if they weren’t in their current couples, and Faye was seen in the Beach Hut saying that her and Chloe looked the same. During the challenge, Faye said: “Oh cool, whatever. Do what you need to do why don’t you? Stroke the girl’s ego a bit more. She doesn’t need it, but who am I to judge?”

The most shocking unaired scenes from Love Island 2021 including secret feuds and chats the producers cut out

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This has led fans to think there may have been some unaired scenes throughout Love Island 2021 where more happened between Faye and Chloe to cause the tension. And now they’re home, Faye has said she’s not spoken to Chloe or Millie. It all makes sense now?!

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