Love Island Gossip Column: Islanders aren’t talking?! And who’s been dating a winter Islander?

You thought Love Island drama was over? It’s only just starting!

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2021 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Faye has said she ‘wants space’ from Teddy in their honeymoon period

Faye has already said she wants space from boyfriend Teddy, after they flew home from the villa earlier this week. Speaking on Instagram, she said: “Me and Teddy are planning on getting a place together but it will be that I’ll still come home to Devon three or four days a week so he has his space and I have mine while we’re in the honeymoon period.”

via Instagram @faye__winter

Chloe and Toby are being iconic, as per

Chloe and Toby have shared that they’ve been FaceTiming whist they’re both in separate quarantine from being on the show. And what’s a better way to spend isolation than making hilarious TikToks? The pair have recreated Chloe’s incredible “that’s a violation, that’s very muggy…I’m not gonna let somebody take me for a prick NO WHEY”. I love them.

Priya donated all of her wage for being on the show to the NHS

The Islanders get a small wage for being in the villa, to cover things like their rent and bills back home whilst they’re all missing work. Priya Gopaldas was in the villa for eight days, and got £750 for it – which she has decided to donate to NHS Charities Together. Priya is a medical student, and worked in ICU during the pandemic.

On her Instagram Story, the bombshell shared a screenshot of her donation, as well as the bank transfer from ITV PLC TalentPAY. Priya added: “Love Island pay cheque put to use”. The Islanders usually get around £250 a week for being on the show, but this year they had to isolate for two weeks beforehand, hence the much higher pay cheque.

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The Love Island boss has addressed the amount of Ofcom complaints this year has had

This series of Love Island has smashed the number of Ofcom complaints that others received, peaking with 25,000 complaints over Faye’s outburst at Teddy. Speaking at Edinburgh Television Festival, Kevin Lygo, a boss at ITV, said: “The thing about complaints these days is every week there’s a new most complained-about show. Ashley [Banjo’s Black Lives Matter performance on] Britain’s Got Talent was the most complained-about, then he went on to win a BAFTA, then Piers stormed off [Good Morning Britain], now it’s Love Island.

“It’s really easy to complain these days. You have to take them at face value. What are they complaining about and have they got a point? Did we overstep the mark? It’s very easy to take one episode and think it’s too much, when it’s a longer-term thing we should be concerned about.”

AJ has spoken about being DM’d by ex-Islanders and her relationship with another reality TV star

via ITV

Remember AJ Bunker? Since being in the villa, albeit for a very short amount of time, she’s been dishing the dirt on the inside of her DMs. She revealed she’s had loads of messages from “pay pigs” – which in short is a sex kink where the guy pays a woman to financially dominate him. Speaking on FUBAR Radio on the Access All Areas show, she said: “I’m getting PayPigs left, right, and centre.  I’m just like, ‘Why am I getting so many PayPigs messages?’ I just, obviously I’m not open to that. I’m not accepting them but it’s just like, ‘Why?’ Honestly there’s just a countless amount. I think there are more PayPigs messages than guys asking me on dates.”

She also revealed that a few sports professionals have slid into her DMs and she dated a winter Love Islander! Whilst she didn’t share who, she did say they mugged her off a bit. “We went for a few drinks. But literally, the next day, he went and asked another girl on a date,” she admitted.

Oh and she also said she used to date Too Hot To Handle season two star, Robert Van Tromp? What?!

Faye has said she hasn’t spoken to Millie or Chloe since leaving the villa

All over social media right now is screenshots of the Islanders FaceTiming one another whilst they’re all in quarantine. But one Islander who is picking and choosing very carefully who to contact is Faye Winter, who has said she’s not spoken to Millie or Chloe. She literally snubbed them, listing people she’s been in contact with since the villa in an Instagram Q&A to quite savagely make a point in leaving them out. She said: “I’ve been in contact with a lot of the girls; Sharon, Abi, Rachel, and Kaz. I’ve also been in contact with AJ, Mary, and Clarisse.”

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip and news from the cast who are now back home in the UK

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During the show there were hints at a “secret feud” between Chloe and Faye, so maybe it wasn’t too far from the truth? YIKES. 👀

Mary has shared why she hasn’t been on social media since leaving the show

You may have noticed that Mary Bedford hasn’t been on social media since she left the villa alongside Aaron. She has since shared that her grandmother passed away whilst she was on the show. Mary posted saying: “Our angel on earth is now our angel in heaven. Coming off the show has been bitter sweet for me as I flew home to go to the funeral of my beautiful grandma who passed away whilst I was in the villa. I’ve been taking the time since the show to mourn, reflect, and be back with my loved ones before returning to my social media. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support I have received at this difficult time, I truly appreciate everything.”

via Instagram @mary_bedford

Faye has said she’s in no rush to watch the series back

Faye had a pretty turbulent journey in the villa, and in her exit interview said that her time on the show helped her to learn a lot about herself. So it might not come as much of a surprise that she’s not exactly rushing to watch her antics back. On Instagram she was asked if she will be watching the series from start to finish, and she said: “Right now I wish I would have time to, but I don’t. It’ll probably be something that I will watch in a year or so. It will be lovely to see mine and Teddy’s journey, and also be able to rewatch it whenever we want to.”

Winter Islanders Rebecca and Biggs have split up

All the latest Love Island 2021 gossip and news from the cast who are now back home in the UK

via Instagram @rebeccagormley_

I can hear you saying ‘who?’ but you might have a brief memory of winter bombshell Rebecca Gormley, and Biggs Chris who joined the season during Casa Amor. They’ve been together for a year, but recently broke up. He posted on Instagram basically saying that he wanted to start a family, but she was more of a party girl. He insists they didn’t end on bad terms, though.

Biggs told The Sun: “We broke up because we want different things. Rebecca’s more of a party girl, but I want a family and business and just to work work work. I want that ‘couple goals’ life where we both work hard together and build an amazing family.”


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