Love Island Gossip Column: Teddy’s ex goes IN on him! Plus THREE ex-Islanders have Covid?!

Teddy’s ex called him a ‘sulky little boy’ and said he ‘won’t last five minutes’ with Faye 😬

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A poll says that Millie and Liam will win tonight

Tonight, Love Island 2021 concludes. The grand final is here and we will see who will be crowned winners and if they’ll steal or split the £50k prize fund. According to a poll carried out by the Sun, Millie and Liam will be the winners, by a landslide victory. The publication surveyed over 50,000 viewers and over half said that their vote lies with the pair. Chloe and Toby came second, but with a considerable amount of fewer votes.

Chloe and Toby received 24.37 per cent of the votes, Faye and Teddy had 24.08 per cent and Kaz and Tyler received just 4.13 per cent of the votes.

Liberty is the first 2021 Islander to reach a million Instagram followers!

Last week, Liberty and Jake walked from the Love Island villa, just days before the final. But following her departure, the 21-year-old has become the first Love Island 2021 contestant to hit a million followers on Instagram! Since the villa she has announced on her page that she has a new agent, and is now under Neon Management – the same company looking after fellow 2021 Islander Lucinda Strafford.

The latest Love Island 2021 news and gossip from the Islanders and inside the villa right now

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Teddy’s ex says he’s ‘arrogant’ and not a good match with Faye

Teddy Soares’ ex has come out and said a few very strong words about him, and his relationship with Faye. She’s labelled him “arrogant and vacuous” and said he has “no balls or backbone.” Flora Waterhouse, who dated Teddy for a year, said she believes he is faking his relationship with Faye, because he told her he hated “fake” looking girls.

She told The Sun on Sunday: “Teddy has spent his whole life being told he’s gorgeous. But that’s no good if you don’t have the personality to back it up — and he doesn’t. He’s very good at chat and being charming, but he doesn’t have any balls or a backbone. You can see it in the way he just sits behind Faye as she kicks off at others.

“He has kept very calm when that has happened. But he would have been seething inside, as he hates not being able to control a situation, and he can’t control Faye. I was surprised when he went for her, as he told me he hated girls who were fake, and loved the natural look. He told my mum the same thing too. He would say he didn’t even like girls who wore loads of make-up. So Faye is the opposite of who I would have expected him to go for.

“Maybe he genuinely likes her, maybe he’s just in it for the votes. But I don’t think they will last five minutes outside the villa. They definitely aren’t compatible at all. Probably the last thing he would want in a relationship is drama. So when he says he likes Faye’s fiery side, I think that’s bullshit.”

She added that he was an hour late to their first date together and thinks he’s “god’s gift to women”. “Over time I realised he was arrogant and vacuous. He turned out to be just a pretty little boy who sulks when he doesn’t get his own way,” she said. YIKES.

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Millie’s mum has invited Liam to move in with them rent free after Love Island!

Millie and Liam have expressed many times that out of all the couples left, they will have the furthest distance from each other on the outside. Millie is from Essex and Liam is from Wales, with Millie’s mum saying on the show last night she had Googled it and the pair live three hours from each other.

However, her mum seems to think this isn’t a problem at all, because she’s offered to have Liam move in with them! Speaking to the Sun, Millie’s mum Esme admitted the couple might struggle with a long distance relationship. She said: “Long distance relationships can be hard. He [Liam] can move into my house and not have to pay rent. I really like him. I’m a good judge of character and I think he is a really nice guy and I think he is genuine. From what I’ve seen of him, he seems like a really sweet boy.”


The latest Love Island 2021 news and gossip from the Islanders and inside the villa right now

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Amy from Casa Amor has tested positive for Covid

According to reports, dumped Islander Amy Day has tested positive for Covid-19. It has also been claimed two further Islanders have since contracted the virus. Amy had dinner at STK restaurant in London last week, alongside Islanders Hugo Hammond, Aaron Francis, Harry Young, Brad McClelland, Georgia Townend, AJ Bunker, Chuggs Wallis, Lillie Haynes, Jack Barlow, Medhy Malanda, Danny Bibby, Sam Jackson and Lucinda Strafford.

A source exclusively told MailOnline: “Following several nights out after quarantine, Amy started to to feel unwell at the beginning of the week and gradually worsened, feeling sick, sore throat and generally run down. She did a lateral flow test and followed it up with a PCR test which confirmed she had Covid. Amy had her first vaccination prior to Love Island and was due to have her second one this weekend. She is now in isolation but feeling better. Amy has avoided getting Covid throughout the pandemic so it’s unfortunate to get it now, especially as she had some auditions coming up.”

The Sun reports that two other Islanders have tested positive following the reunion.

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Laura Whitmore has apparently been paid £600k for hosting the show this year

But she’s been to the villa like three times?

People think Mary has already friend-zoned Aaron

After their appearance on Aftersun, people think Mary has ended things with Aaron. After they were dumped from the villa, the pair said they had planned dates and were excited to see where things went with their relationship. However, on the show last night Mary seemed a bit less enthusiastic, saying: “I think we’re just going to go home, when we’re back in the real world again and things are more normal we’re going to see how it goes, but I have definitely made a best friend in here”. When asked about their future together, Mary answered: “We’ll see how it goes.”

Whilst she doesn’t seem as positive as before, in her exit interview from the villa she was clear that one of the things she liked most about her and Aaron is that they have loads in common and are friends too. So, I guess we’ll have to watch this space.

The latest Love Island 2021 news and gossip from the Islanders and inside the villa right now

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Jake has responded to claims he’s a game player

Jake has slammed any claims that he was a game player during his time on the show. He was constantly called “fake”, a “showman” and people said he was playing up to the cameras with his feelings towards Liberty. On Aftersun, he said: “If I was to be playing a game, I’d still be in there.” He said the claims hurt him, adding: “That’s what got to me the most.” Liberty added: “What Jake and me had to begin with was genuine, we dealt with things differently.”

Lillie has confirmed she’s dating fellow Casa Amor Islander Jack

Casa Amor drama starter, Lillie Haynes, had previously said she was cracking on with fellow Casa Amor Islander Jack Barlow. Now, the pair have confirmed their romance after being pictured holding hands attending an event together.

There will be an extra episode after the final!

It’s official! Tonight won’t be our last dose of Love Island 2021, because the reunion show will be back this year. The extra episode used to be an explosive annual catch up with the Islanders from that year, but hasn’t happened since the 2019 series. It sees the Islanders reunited and put in a room together to discuss the show’s most dramatic moments and give us updates on how relationships have progressed since the series ended or Islanders were dumped. A source close to the show told the Sun: “The reunion will be filmed after the final next week. The extra episode will give fans a glimpse of their favourite couples as they take on the outside world.”

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