Mary and Aaron have dates planned for after Love Island and think Toby and Chloe will win

They’ve planned a double date with Toby and Chloe!!

Last night saw Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson savagely dumped from the Love Island 2021 villa – just days before the final. The public had been voting for their favourite couples, which ended in the pair being sent packing.

But, unlike the other couples and Islanders who left previously this year, Aaron and Mary both seem very optimistic about life after Love Island. They’re planning dates, aren’t bitter at all, and are happy to get on with a potential future together. Here’s everything the latest dumped couple had to say after their mutual Love Island 2021 exits.

Love Island 2021: Everything Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson said in exit interview after being dumped from the villa last night

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Aaron said that he and Mary felt their Love Island time was up

When asked how he feels about leaving the villa, Aaron said everyone in there was welcoming. “I feel like they have their own reasons for being in there and they all fully deserve to be in there,” he said. “Me and Mary knew our time was up and we were ok with that. It was nice to be able to leave together. I’m feeling excited to see what the future holds for me and Mary on the outside.”

Mary and Aaron both said Toby is one of the nicest guys they’ve ever met

You might have forgotten that during Casa Amor, when Mary joined Love Island, she was cracking on with Toby – he brought her back to the main villa. Reflecting on their time together, she said he’s the “nicest guy ever” and has been one of her best friends throughout her time on the show. “He’s funny, he’s caring, he’s literally the biggest joker in there. He’s just the nicest guy, ever, literally is,” she said.

Aaron also said that he and Toby were very close, which was probably helped by them being able to bond over both being footballers. “I became really close with Toby, he was probably the boy I was closest to in the villa,” he said. “We were very similar and we were always spending time together as well as Chloe. Teddy was almost like a big brother to me in there and he is definitely someone I will spend time with outside the villa.”

Mary and Aaron are going to carry on seeing each other outside the Love Island villa

Love Island 2021: Everything Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson said in exit interview after being dumped from the villa last night

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Mary said that it feels like she’s been seeing Aaron for months, and they have some dates planned for after Love Island. “It’s still proper early days for us,” she said. “Even though it’s only been 10 days it feels like we’ve been seeing each other for months. We said we’re definitely going to give it a go on the outside. Obviously everything changes when you get out so we said we’re just going to cross each bridge as it comes to it. We’re definitely going to see each other on the outside.”

She added that, for their first date, they’re going to do an activity, “like mini golf or bowling. Have some food and drinks”, she said. Aaron said they’ve already spoken about stuff they want to do when they’re outside. “It’s exciting that we’ll be able to do normal couple stuff and form a deeper connection,” he said. Aaron also said that he and Mary have already spoken about double dating with Chloe and Toby, which is something we MUST see.

‘Aaron is beautiful, he’s so fun, he’s cheeky and keeps me on my toes’

Talking of their connection, Mary said: “Literally from day one we got on, literally were inseparable from day two. You cannot fake things in there, which I thought people would have done. You’re with them 24-hours a day. So, if you feel some type of way it comes out. And Aaron’s beautiful to start with and then he’s so fun, he’s cheeky, he keeps me on my toes a lot. He’s not soppy. He’ll be cute with me, but he’ll then keep me on my toes. We literally are like best friends now. I’ve just been so comfortable with him from the start.”

Aaron added: “I feel like we get on so well. The rate we moved was completely natural. We were the new couple but there was no pressure to be like the other couples in the villa. The fact that it happened so organically was really refreshing and caught me completely off guard. We are very similar people in the way we are on the outside, our personalities and how we deal with situations. We both have a fiery side and like to keep each other on our toes. We’re always laughing and joking. It was clear from the get go.”

Wow, I’m tearing up?!

Love Island 2021: Everything Mary Bedford and Aaron Simpson said in exit interview after being dumped from the villa last night

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And Mary can’t wait to introduce Aaron to all her friends

Mary was asked who she’s most excited to introduce Aaron to, and she said her friends. “My friends are so fun! I can’t wait for him to meet all of them,” she said. “I’ve got quite a close group of friends but they are all going to literally love him. And then obviously my mum and stuff, they’ll like him.”

Who do Mary and Aaron think will win Love Island 2021?

When asked who she thinks has what it takes to go on and win the show, Mary said: “Either Chloe and Toby – I love them both so much, they’re literally my favourite two people in there, I love them, and they’ve just been through so much, but they are literally like two peas in a pod – or Liam and Millie. Again, I love them both so much. You can literally see they are obsessed with each other.”

Aaron was asked which couples he thinks will go the distance, to which he said: “For me I think the winners will either be Chloe and Toby, or Millie and Liam. I’m probably rooting for Chloe and Toby just because I was closest to Toby there. I know how much he has changed. If you look at him from the start of the experience, he’s a completely different person. It’s not just his journey with Chloe but his own journey and how much he’s come along in himself. As a couple they’ve grown so much and they learned to communicate. I’d like to see them win because they’re the underdogs. But Liam and Millie are inseparable and they’re so funny to be around. I’d be happy whoever wins.”

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