Brett wants to continue with Priya but she says they’re ‘absolutely’ just friends

He says meeting her was a ‘blessing’ and to be honest, this is all a bit awkward

Last night saw probably one of the least surprising dumpings of Love Island this year – when Brett and Priya were sent packing. The Islanders had been asked to vote for the least compatible couples in the villa, leaving four couples to be voted for by the public. Brett and Priya received the fewest votes and had to leave immediately.

It’s no surprise they were in the bottom – Priya had literally just told all the girls Brett gave her the ick, and if their dinner date had been in real life, she would have got up and left. But, despite her telling him this later, Brett seems to still be under the impression that something could happen between them post Love Island.

Here’s everything they both had to say in their villa exit interviews.

Love Island 2021: Exit interview with Brett and Priya as they are dumped from the villa

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Priya says it was ‘inevitable’ that her and Brett were dumped from the Love Island villa

Brett and Priya were the latest couple in the Love Island villa, and they hadn’t exactly hit it off a storm – so it really was no surprise to anyone that they were voted out. Priya herself has said their dumping was “inevitable”, given that they were a “friendship couple” – it’s just not entirely clear how aware of this “friendship” Brett actually is. “I’m glad that all the other couples in there are super solid and they have a chance to stay, it’s only fair they stayed and we left,” she said.

Brett was nervous about his entrance to the Love Island villa

When Brett entered the villa, he was sat in the garden with a drink waiting for the Islanders to return from a challenge – which should have delivered Arabella Chi in 2019 levels of shockwaves through the villa. Speaking of his entrance, Brett said: “To be honest, I was just hoping people would notice [me], because they’d come fresh out of a challenge – your mind’s focussed on having a shower! You don’t expect to find anyone sat in the garden. I was a little bit nervous I guess as I didn’t know who would spot me first or who would come out first and how welcoming they’d be.”

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Brett wants to continue romantically with Priya

It might have looked like everything had fizzled out between them, but Brett is still saying there’s a chance they could make it work. When asked by ITV if they will continue romantically, Brett said yes, adding: “But I’d need things to be a bit different. I would love to keep getting to know her and date her properly, but equally I’d need a different dynamic. I’d need more from her, I need effort from her. I want her to plan stuff. Even just a simple thing like a run and coffee date. Just so it feels that reassurance that she also wants to be there and do stuff with me.”

He added that things between them right now are “totally fine”, saying “taking a little bit of a step back will actually help our relationship”. “Whether we do just remain friends in the future or we try and date or whatever. I think it will be beneficial for us,” he said.

However, Priya is pretty certain that they are just friends

This is where it gets awkward, Priya is very sure that her and Brett are friends and nothing more. In fact, she referred to them as having a “friendship” five times in her exit interview. When asked if it was friendship on the cards for them, she said: “Absolutely. We are going to be friends and I reckon our friendship is going to last a long time. We are so similar and we got on so well. I don’t think there is anything romantic there but I know for certain there will be a friendship.” We get it.

She added: “I felt maybe the conversation wasn’t as fun and flirty as I would have hoped. I felt like he was more reserved than I am. I’m looking for someone who wants to get out of their comfort zone all the time, like jumping out of planes with me. I think Brett was a little bit in his shell during our time in the Villa so I didn’t get a true reflection of his personality.”

Love Island 2021: Exit interview with Brett and Priya as they are dumped from the villa

via ITV

They have both said that they are very similar people, though

Despite the romantic connection being very one-sided, Priya and Brett do both agree that they have a lot in common. Priya said her and Brett could “talk for hours”. “We are so similar,” she said. “We both have a lot of the same interests and hobbies – running, science, health. A lot of the time when Brett and I were chatting, no-one else would understand our conversation. I really loved that. I feel like the chats and the ability to talk for hours was why I chose him.”

Brett added: “The instant attraction, sexual attraction is important, but sitting down and realising we had so much in common – literally down to the scars on the same knee – is absolutely bonkers. We actually had a conversation where we sat down and said, ‘Let’s think about stuff we don’t agree on!'”

Brett says that meeting Priya through Love Island was a ‘blessing’ and honestly, my heart bleeds for him

Brett said that his favourite part of Love Island was meeting Priya, and said that she is a “blessing” which is honestly the cutest thing in the world. “Regardless of what happens, I know I’ve got a really good friend there at the very least. Who I will go to in the future, and that’s a long-lasting relationship for sure,” he said.

He added that he doesn’t really have a type, but “when someone’s so very, very attractive… I had to consciously stop myself from looking at her when I first saw her. Her eyes are captivating! She had a really, really nice smile, she looked great. It was hard not to look at her.” ADORABLE.

Brett says he treated the heart race challenge as a ‘job’ – ok?

Love Island 2021: Exit interview with Brett and Priya as they are dumped from the villa

via ITV

It is no doubt a nerve wracking experience to arrive in a villa with a bunch of strangers and within a day be lap dancing for them, but Brett had a different way of conquering it – by treating it as a…job? He said: “It definitely was outside of my comfort zone. But I took it on as a ‘job’ and a competition – so I got into character. Posed how I’d never pose in my life and just went for it. Seeing all the girls do it was pretty great, we were all getting behind the girls and equally the boys it was outside a lot of their comfort zone but we all stood around like, lads this is going to be such a laugh, no one is going to take it to heart, whoever’s heart you get racing. It was fun.”

Who do Brett and Priya think could win Love Island 2021?

When asked who she thinks will go the distance, Priya said for her it’s Millie and Liam who will win. “They’ve been on such a journey,” she said. “From what I have seen in the villa, they are inseparable. They are literally attached to each other. It’s lovely to see that. They are adorable together.”

Brett added that he thinks the strongest couples are Millie and Liam and Chloe and Toby. He said: “They are together all day every day, you have to peel them off each other, especially Millie and Liam.” He also said that Mary and Aaron have a “really deep and genuine” connection.

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