It’s official! The Love Island reunion show will be back for the 2021 series

Can’t wait to catch up with the Islanders when they’ve all split up and hate each other x

The Love Island reunion show will be back for 2021, it’s been reported. The extra episode used to be an explosive annual catch up with the Islanders from that year, but hasn’t happened since the 2019 series.

It sees the Islanders reunited and put in a room together to discuss the show’s most dramatic moments and give us updates on how relationships have progressed since the series ended or Islanders were dumped. A source close to the show told the Sun: “The reunion will be filmed after the final next week. The extra episode will give fans a glimpse of their favourite couples as they take on the outside world.”

The Love Island reunion show is back for 2021

via ITV

The last reunion show was aired in 2019 and was described as an “end-of-series wrap party”. This year, it promises a lot of awkward reunions for Islanders who probably hoped they wouldn’t see each other again.

It could mean Millie and Liam running into Lillie again, after he accused her of lying about how close they got during Casa Amor. It will show Hugo reunited with Amy, who called him “fake” and “all for show” after they were dumped together. Clarissa could also face Tyler and Kaz, after she too called Tyler “fake” for bringing her back from Casa Amor then going back to Kaz. “I can’t imagine seeing him, no. I didn’t say bye to him,” Clarissa said as she left the villa. Now’s your chance!

Tonight’s show has been reported as showing Jake and Liberty quitting the villa for good – but they are apparently “not 100 per cent over” so I guess only the reunion will tell us what happens between them now. 👀

Long live Love Island 2021!

There is currently no known air date for the Love Island reunion show 2021. Love Island 2021 continues on ITV2 at 9pm tonight. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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