Jake and Liberty breakup

Jake and Liberty have reportedly quit Love Island just three days before the final

Apparently the goodbye is really emosh

Jake and Liberty have decided to leave the Love Island villa after being together since the very start of their journey, the MailOnline reported.

In last night’s episode we saw Liberty break things off with Jake after saying she feels like she shouldn’t have to change herself for anyone. She also said she felt like she has given Jake the ick after he made a few passing comments about her messiness in the villa.

A source told MailOnline the decision for the pair was tough but it felt like the right thing to do. The source says: “They’d given it their all on camera and wanted to let their friends in other couples have a chance at winning. Saying goodbye was emotional for all the Islanders, as they’ve become so close, like family, but it won’t be long before they’re all reunited. It’s not 100 per cent over for Jake and Liberty, there are still a lot of feelings involved, so who knows what will happen on the future.”

Yesterday we watched Liberty tell Faye she’s got to be true to herself so she cannot stay with Jake. She said: “It’s nothing against Jake and it’s nothing against me but I can just tell that I’m giving him the ick over little things like being messy and I would rather walk out being me.” She also said even though she didn’t find love, she found self-love and wouldn’t change herself for anyone.

Jake and Liberty breakup

Faye and Liberty chatting last night

In the teaser clip for tonight’s episode, Liberty and Jake are seen to group together the remaining Islanders around the fire pit where they allegedly reveal they’re leaving the villa.

Apparently Liberty’s mum is already in Mallorca after flying over for the Islanders meeting the parents. So we know our Queen Liberty won’t be alone for long.

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