Here’s everything the dumped Islanders of 2021 have been up to since they left the villa

From dinners together and new relationships, to tragic sponsored Instagram posts and TikToks

This year Love Island seemed to be giving us new dumped Islanders every single day – it felt like 2021 was the year for sending contestants packing at the drop of the hat. It’s been dramatic, it’s been a wild ride, and I’m here for it.

But now, this has left us with a whole new cohort of Islanders who have been released into the outside world. From some god-awful Instagram adverts, to meeting up for dinner and apparent new romances – the ex-Islanders this year really have been keeping busy. So what exactly have all the dumped contestants from the class of Love Island 2021 been up to? Here’s a lil catch up with them all.

There have been some very, very tragic sponsored Instagram posts

Are you at all surprised that the Islanders took straight to making money on their Instagram pages? And the award for the worst ad campaign they’ve all taken part in this year goes to Tinder. Like I’d trust dating tips from this lot? They’ve just been given an open goal at finding love on the biggest dating show in the UK and still didn’t manage it. Please, find some better ambassadors.

Anyway, here are a few of the snaps of the Islanders trying to make you get Tinder:

Love Island 2021: Where the dumped Islanders and contestants are now and what they have been up to since leaving the show and the villa

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via Instagram @hugo_hammond_

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Lucinda and Aaron called it quits, and she went to Amble and Brighton with Brad

Lucinda has been on a journey of turbulence since the day she was introduced to us. She was apparently with a boyfriend before and during the show, but was also with Brad, then he got dumped, so she cracked on with Danny. Danny turned out to be a bit off, so she cracked on with Aaron. Then they both got dumped, and Aaron and Lucinda broke up. And now she’s been pictured out in Brighton on club nights with Brad and has visited his home town, Amble? I’m confused. But I think she’s back with Brad. For now.

Lillie and Lucinda have been hanging out a lot

If Instagram is anything to go by, Lucinda and Lillie have struck up a bit of a friendship, despite not actually crossing paths in the villa. They’ve been chatting to magazines and doing interviews together, and spending some time hanging out.

Love Island 2021: Where the dumped Islanders and contestants are now and what they have been up to since leaving the show and the villa

via Instagram @hugo_hammond_

Shannon has basically just been very vocal about Love Island on Twitter

She was in the villa for 48 hours, but Shannon has been making her opinions on Love Island without her very clear. People have been dragging her for it, but tbh the commentary is chaotic and I’m here for it.

Chuggs has gone back to selling bucket hats

Before he joined the villa, Chuggs had his own bucket hat business called Booby Buckets. He shared a TikTok of him back at the HQ of the business, packing up loads of orders.

Lillie was gassed when Jack Grealish liked one of her Instagram pictures

via Instagram @lillie.haynes

Earlier this week, footballer Jack Grealish was caught liking Casa Amor Islander Lillie’s Instagram pics. According to the Daily Mail, he liked “a string” of her bikini pictures, before deleting the interaction a few days later. A source told MailOnline: “Lillie couldn’t believe Jack even knows who she is, let alone took the time to like her uploads on Instagram. It was disappointing he unliked the photos days later, but it’s possible he didn’t want his girlfriend finding out. She was complimented nonetheless, and hopes one day they’ll cross paths so she can ask him about it.”

Danny’s been posting so god awful TikToks, and went IN on how edited the show is

Whilst he was in the villa he was called out by Women’s Aid for “manipulative” behaviour towards Lucinda, but he’s now saying his entire narrative during the show was edited. In a TikTok, he said: “I can’t emphasise enough how the show is made to be a show for entertainment. If they add someone as the ‘bad boy’ then showed me laughing and joking with Kaz, messing around with everyone, it wouldn’t fit the storyline. So they’ve got to edit it.”

He added: “I’m the nicest guy ever. But I do get why people think I’m some absolute psycho because I was the only one who had a pair of balls and said something when someone did something wrong. Some people need to relax and understand you’re watching an edited show for a story. If they showed you what everyone got up to you wouldn’t be interested, it’s just everyone having fun on holiday basically.”

He also posted a TikTok recording himself, wine bottle in hand, at a random party saying “life’s good”. Strange.

@itsdannybibbyOne for the haters, don’t worry about me, everything is just fine 🤘🏼

♬ original sound – D A N N Y B I B B Y

Hugo has been let loose on TikTok, and nobody is safe

Someone take Hugo’s phone back off him, because I cannot deal with his TikToks any longer. It started with a few villa Q&As which were totally fine, but escalated into cringe DMs with other Islanders, dancing trends and tutorials of how to make a “Love Island iced coffee” that we didn’t ask for.

Lots of the dumped Love Island 2021 contestants have been posting awful TikToks, but Mr Hugo Hammond is by far the worst offender.

Lillie is dating Jack Barlow from Casa Amor????!

You might not even remember who Jack is, but he was on Casa Amor this year. He go zero airtime and was swiftly dumped, but now he and Lillie are together! Following rumours that she was loved-up with her fellow dumped bombshell, Lillie admitted that, yes, they’re very much an item in an interview with Heat World. Wtf?!

Love Island 2021: Where the dumped Islanders and contestants are now and what they have been up to since leaving the show and the villa

This guy!!!!

Shannon launched her own social media campaign

Shortly after leaving the villa, Shannon announced she was creating her own social media campaign around body image and self love. She said: “I’m SO SO excited to launch my own wee social media campaign called #Ilovemine. It’s time to stop giving our ‘likes’ to other people and to start liking ourselves. We deserve to celebrate ourselves. I want us all to start celebrating what we like and love about ourselves. Every day I want to see you posting a positive message about yourselves that I will be sharing and reposting!

“Whether it be you celebrating your kindness, your creativity, your eyes, your good hair day, the birthmark you’ve always loathed – post something unique to you that you might not have always shown kindness to in the past. This is about us embracing ourselves and encouraging positive conversation about ourselves. Social media can be a great platform but can also cause major insecurities, I want to see you all tagging me in your photos celebrating yourselves with the #ilovemine #ilovemy. Let us trial this for one week, one image per day that celebrates YOU, and let’s see how we all feel about ourselves later this week. SAVE THE LIKES FOR YOURSELF.”

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Danny and Lucinda apparently kissed!

The Mirror is reporting that Lucinda “snogged” Danny Bibby when they went to a club together after leaving the villa. But she left with Aaron? And then broke up with him and got back with Brad? I’m confused. Whilst there’s actually no evidence of said kiss, the publication is saying it happened – alongside some pictures of them looking very close.

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Sharon, Brad, Hugo and Chuggs all went for dinner

Ex-Islanders Hugo, Sharon, Brad and Chuggs have all reunited in London after their villa exits. A couple of weeks ago, they all went out for dinner together and they shared loads of pictures and TikToks.

Love Island 2021: Where the dumped Islanders and contestants are now and what they have been up to since leaving the show and the villa

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A few of the girls have been working with I Saw It First

It’s a must that girls of Love Island collab with clothing brands. And this year, this girls have got straight to it before the show is even over. People like Lucinda (of course) have been posting pictures of them in I Saw It First clothes with a classic #AD and she’s run a competition with the retailer. Others have been getting in on it too, and visited the brand.

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Brad’s been doing club nights, classic

As well as getting back with Lucinda, Brad has been loving the clubs being open again, as he’s back on the tragic personal appearance grid!!! To kick it all off, for one night only Mr Brad McClelland was at Bushwackers in Worcester. Clubbers could bag a photo with the man himself – and it was the event of the season I’ve heard.

It’s been rumoured that Aaron and Sharon are seeing one another

Aaron can’t be that gutted about Lucinda moving on, because it’s been rumoured he’s seeing Sharon now. The two Love Island 2021 dumped Islanders have been all over each other’s Instagram stories, spending days together and going for food. They were also pictured with their arms around each other as they left a restaurant together in Chelsea, London. Let’s just say, they look very, very close.

Priya is spending a week in Mallorca

Priya Gopaldas hasn’t been out the villa very long, and right now she’s said that she is enjoying spending some time staying in Mallorca, where the show is filmed. She posted a photo of her there, captioned: “Totally overwhelmed and HUGELY grateful for all the positive support I’ve received after my little stint on @loveisland. Thank you, all of your kind messages definitely don’t go unnoticed. Spending the next week soaking up the sunshine out here in Mallorca and shall be answering some questions about my experience in the villa on my story this evening.”

Love Island 2021: Where the dumped Islanders and contestants are now and what they have been up to since leaving the show and the villa

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Abi is back with her dog and honestly, good for her

Abi was the CEO of Islanders who deserved better. A gem gone too soon and should have found love. But, as soon as she landed back in the UK she went straight back to taking selfies with her dog. I love that for her. “I may not have been lucky enough to find love in the villa.. however this little guy reminds me how loved I really am,” she posted.

Tbh, Chuggs is just besties with everyone now

Of all the dumped Love Island 2021 contestants, we slept on Chuggs Wallis. He may have only been in the villa for a matter of minutes, but boy was he a character. And now, just a look on his Instagram proves he’s besties with everyone. He’s hanging out with Brad, Hugo and even Harry from Casa Amor – who he never even met in the villa!

Love Island 2021: Where the dumped Islanders and contestants are now and what they have been up to since leaving the show and the villa

via Instagram @chuggswallis

via Instagram @chuggswallis

Love Island 2021: Where the dumped Islanders and contestants are now and what they have been up to since leaving the show and the villa

via Instagram @chuggswallis

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