The Love Island 2021 finalist couples talk getting married and moving in together

Chloe and Toby say their wedding is ‘imminent’ and Faye said she ‘can’t guarantee’ *that* argument won’t happen again

This year it really did feel like any one of the four couples in the Love Island final could have taken the title. They would have made worthy winners, each with their own turbulent and drama-fuelled storylines, which the show is all about. Obviously, Millie and Liam took the crown, but the other Love Island 2021 finalists have said in their interviews after the show that there’s plenty more to come from them too.

Kaz and Tyler talk about their relationship and taking the next steps, Chloe and Toby are already planning a wedding and Faye and Teddy reflect on the wild ups and downs they had over the last eight weeks.

Millie and Liam spoke about their journey separately, so here’s what all the other Love Island 2021 finalists had to say as they left the villa for good.

The Love Island 2021 finalists talk about their plans after the villa

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The Love Island 2021 finalists reflected on their journeys in the villa

Love Island 2021 is over, which means the finalists are heading back to the UK to start their lives in the real world. Tyler said that the journey all being over feels “surreal” to him. “That’s all we’ve known for all of these weeks. To not wake up in the morning and see your friends and not waking up to make the coffees – it’s going to be weird,” he said. “I’ve had the best time and wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m sad it’s come to an end but it’s the beginning of us on the outside.”

Kaz said she would describe her experience as “wholesome”, adding: “I walked in on day one and left on the last day. I’ve grown a lot as a person and I’ve met so many lovely people. I went in there wanting to find a connection with someone and I’ve walked out with a connection with someone even stronger than what I expected it to be so I’d describe it as wholesome. I think I accomplished everything!”

Faye said that she’s been on an amazing journey with Teddy and that he taught her a lot about herself. “I’ve also learnt a lot about myself through the whole experience and journey from start to finish,” she said. “The only way you can get anywhere in life and to be able to be happy with someone is to be able to let your guard down and be vulnerable. As hard as that may be. This experience has definitely taught me that.” Teddy said he has no regrets and that Love Island has also taught him how to be vulnerable.

The Love Island 2021 finalists talk about their plans after the villa

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Chloe and Toby want to get married ‘imminently’

Chloe and Toby joked about getting married on the show, but since leaving Chloe has said that she is hoping the proposal is going to be “like imminently”. Toby replied saying if she wants it that quick she’ll have to be the one to pop the question, but did say he “definitely” wants to get married in the future. Chloe then said she wants their wedding to be in the Love Island villa – where do I get my invite?!

Chloe added that if they had won, she would have split the money to put it towards their wedding. Toby also confirmed he too would have split the prize fund with Chloe.

Faye and Teddy and Chloe and Toby have spoken about moving in together

Faye and Teddy said they have spoken about moving in together, and think they will “likely get a place together”, but Faye said she will have to spend at least a couple of nights a week at work in Devon. “Teddy will still have his own space, to be able to see friends, family but it will be our place and we will still spend time apart until we want to be with each other fully. I think that’s our next step,” she said.

Faye added that she’s a true Devon girl, and would need to be at least near to a pasty shop and a pint of cider to get her moving anywhere near London. Teddy added: “Personally when we’ve spoken about it I’m really open to Devon, anywhere in the UK that gets me closer to Faye.”

In her interview, Millie said the girls were all planning on moving in together in Essex, and Chloe has said she’s down for this too. “I’m going home for a bit and then I think I’m going to move to Essex with some of the girls. That’s the plan,” she said. Toby lives in Essex too, so he said this plan worked out well for him in the end as well.

Chloe and Toby, Millie and Liam

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Kaz says she and Liberty ‘instantly’ became best friends

The real winners of Love Island 2021 are Kaz and Liberty. They were the first two people in the villa this year, and their friendship was the most genuine connection formed on the show. Kaz said that the two of them instantly became best friends, from the moment they arrived together. “When I got out of the jeep I was in front of Libby and I met Libby for the first time and we instantly connected. We got along so well and were literally best friends,” she said.

She added: “Liberty and I clicked from the very first day. We walked in together and our friendship blossomed from there. I feel like our friendship formed the minute we held hands and walked in. She is so genuine. It broke my heart knowing she never found that special connection that I think she deserves. I was trying to be strong when she was leaving but when we went to terrace and I was in tears. Overall, I am proud of her and she stood her ground and followed her gut and trusted her intuition. She is very strong-minded and independent and it seeps through. She is one of the most selfless people I have ever met and she deserves so much love.”

The Love Island 2021 finalists talk about their plans after the villa

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Chloe said her ideal first date outside the villa is a bottomless brunch in an arcade, naturally

Now they’re free, the Islanders are going to be heading on real life dates, in the actual normal world. And of course Chloe is hoping to go to a bottomless brunch, that’s the most on brand thing from her. “I wanna do a bottomless brunch in an arcade and you [Toby] want to go to the F1 in Monaco on a yacht! So we’re going to try do it all in one,” she said. “I love bottomless brunch and he loves arcades! I love arcades. I always said that would be my perfect date.”

Faye and Teddy talk about patching things up after *that* argument and Faye said she can’t guarantee it won’t happen again

We all remember Faye losing her head after the Movie Night, but what does that mean for the couple moving forward? Teddy said he thinks the arguing is a “healthy” part of their relationship, and Faye added: “That’s why when we made up I said to him I can’t sit here and promise you that that won’t happen again because I can’t say that I won’t argue and I won’t shout. That’s not something that’s in me. I am a fiery person. Obviously, I know how to deal with things better now.”

Teddy described himself as “the ice to Faye’s fire” and Faye said he definitely chills her out.

Faye and Teddy

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Ok, Kaz and Tyler are so in love it hurts my soul

Speaking of what first attracted him to Kaz, Tyler said: “Not mentioning the obvious – she’s a stunning girl! What attracted me the most was how warm and bubbly she was. She’s sassy and she’s funny and that’s what was really getting me. I’m looking for something long-term and I look for longevity, Looks can fade and it’s personality that keeps you around. I wanted someone that I could vibe with and bounce off. It worked out for the best.”

Asked the same about Tyler, Kaz said: “I think when he walked in I looked at him and thought, ‘Wow, he is fit!’ but I wanted him to take the lead. When I like someone I can get quite tunnel visioned but he was just lush, friendly and open. I had no complaints! He gave me the vibe that he was there for me.”

Tyler added that it was important for him to do something special for Kaz when he asked her to go exclusive with him, so his Love Actually style towel drop scene had to be spot on. “With our relationship, we’re never serious, we’re always playing games and always bantering,”  he said. “We never really had a chat about where we were or how we felt. For me, it was a case of doing something special for Kaz and in the style that she could appreciate. I was racking my brains for a long time and we came up with the whole romcom thing. I had limited resources but I did my best with the hand towels and would it be fair to say you
appreciated it?” Kaz described the moment as “literally perfect”. 🥺

The couple added that becoming girlfriend and boyfriend is “on the cards”, but they’re going at their own pace.

The Love Island 2021 finalists talk about their plans after the villa, Kaz and Tyler

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Toby said he ‘one MILLIAM per cent’ supports Liam and Millie, and yes, those were his exact words

When asked how they feel about Liam and Millie winning, their fellow Love Island 2021 finalists don’t seem to have any bad blood. Chloe said: “I love that they won! I absolutely love it. Rightfully so! If it wasn’t us, we would like it to be them. We’re over the moon. Toby added: “[We’re] the awesome foursome, so we got to represent for us.” Toby also said he “one MILLIAM per cent” sees them going the distance together.

When asked if they’re looking forward to an invite to Liam and Millie’s wedding, Chloe replied: “Invited? I’ll be maid of honour. We all started our journeys together on the day bed on the same day in time, so to see us all in the final- it’s like we’ll definitely be in each other’s lives.” She of course said Millie will be maid of hour at hers, too.

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