Love Island Gossip Column: A secret boyfriend, OnlyFans and all the new Islander TEA

Hugo dumped his girlfriend then asked her to run his Insta whilst he’s in the villa loooool

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2021 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Today’s gossip column is a new Islander special. The 2021 cast was announced yesterday, so here is all tea we know so far about them all. Strap in. 👀

Shannon had an OnlyFans and claims to have sex eight times a day

In an interview, 22-year-old model and new Islander, Shannon Singh, said: “I have a lot of sex. I have sex like eight times a day. Not every day, but I am very sexually active. I had sex in the morning yesterday, then in a toilet, then in the afternoon. I quite like a bit of rough and tough. I kind of like it rough and I love a bit of morning sex. I love it.”

Love Island 2021 gossip and news column: Shannon Singh

via Instagram @shannonsinghhh

Shannon reportedly had an OnlyFans account for explicit photos, but was forced to delete it, because “fans tried to leak pictures”. A thread on Reddit is said to have been set up where people discussed leaking her content, but according to the Mirror, Shannon found it. “Leak her content pls,” one person said, and Shannon replied: “Leak my content? You are fucking GROSS. Pay for it you weirdos.” After this, she deleted the account.

Of course some of the new Islanders have been living it up in Dubai over the pandemic

At this point, I’m wondering how quite literally EVERYONE with ANY link to reality TV has ended up in Dubai over the last year? I’m baffled.

Liberty Poole, Instagram

via Instagram @libertypoolex

A video of Hugo calling himself a ‘top shagger’ has been leaked

Hugo Hammond is the first disabled Islander ever on the show. He’s already embroiled in some drama because a jokes video of him from at uni is going around, where he calls himself a “fucking top shagger”.

Love Island 2021 gossip and news column: Hugo Hammond

via Instagram @hugo_hammond_

Hugo went to Brookes, and according to pals thought of himself as a bit of a BNOC. A friend told the Daily Mail: “Hugo really thought he was the bees’ knees and aimed to make a name for himself at university. He’s bragged about his female conquests but they certainly weren’t the ones bragging afterwards. Hugo was a divisive figure to say the least, some people liked him, while others thought he was just a posh knobhead.”

Sharon knows Molly-Mae Hague?!

Love Island 2021 gossip and news column: Sharon Gaffka

via ITV

Every single year there is a weird and twisted web of how Islanders might know each other or have crossed paths with ex-Islanders in the past. This year, this first one is here. When asked if she knew any of the former Islanders, beauty queen Sharon Gaffka said: “Molly-Mae and I had the same pageant director.” Sharon continued: “I was Miss International UK.”

Someone claimed Shannon had a secret boyfriend, but they provided zero evidence

In a now deleted tweet, someone is saying Shannon had a DJ boyfriend “until a few days ago”. The tweet now doesn’t exist, so is probably all smoke and mirrors, but it’s definitely got people talking.

In her pre-Love Island interview with ITV, Shannon said she too can DJ and is a “party girl”.

Aaron’s work honestly looks wild

Aaron Francis works as an luxury events host and, through his job, has worked at Royal weddings and met Eugenie and Beatrice over the summer. A video he posted on Instagram shows him working at the Brit Awards, and in front of him are Stormzy and Billie Eilish. At the end of the clip, Stormzy goes and shakes Aaron’s hand.

Love Island 2021 gossip and news column: Aaron Francis

via Instagram @aaronfranciis

Shannon claims footballers have been sliding into her DMs

Shannon Singh has also said that a few footballers have messaged her in the past. When asked for her claim to fame, she said: “I’ve got quite a lot of people who’ve been in my DMs… some I can’t even say. A few footballers.”

Hugo split up with his girlfriend then asked her to run his Insta whilst he’s in the villa

The Islanders need someone to look after their social media when they go into Love Island, so who better than the girlfriend you dumped when you found out you were going on the show, right? According to the Daily Mail, Hugo met ex-girlfriend Millie Simmons at university and the pair dated for two-and-half-years. It’s been reported they split months ago, but Hugo’s pal claims they broke up shortly before he found out he was going on Love Island.

They told the publication: ‘They didn’t split up that long ago. He sees Love Island as a way of getting famous and opening up opportunities so had to be single before going in. He asked Millie to run his social media account during his time in the villa but she flatly turned down his offer, unsurprisingly.”

Kaz has already had some very impressive brand deals

Love Island 2021 gossip and news column: Kaz Kamwi

via Instagram @kazkamwi

Fashion blogger Kaz is also set to join the villa next week. One of the main things that inevitably happens to ex-Islanders is they get millions of Instagram followers and countless brand deals and clothing lines. Kaz however, has already had a taste of that life. She has already worked with Primark and Boohoo and even released her very own clothing and lifestyle range with SkinnyDip. She’s very well known for her fashion videos, where she shares how she would style different outfits.

Shannon was on Britain’s Got Talent?!

Yes, more gossip about Shannon. According to Entertainment Daily, when she was 11, Shannon auditioned for BGT and sang in front of Alesha Dixon. She actually got through, but then she says she chickened out last minute.

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