Love Island Gossip Column: New Islander relationships and the cast are in Mallorca already?!

Welcome to your first instalment of Love Island TEA this year 👀

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2021 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

The release date for the new series is finally here!!

After what seemed like forever (it’s literally been over a year, I am crying) ITV has finally made the release date for Love Island 2021 official. ICYMI: It’s Monday June 28th. SEE YOU THERE.

Apparently this year is going to be the ‘raunchiest’ series yet

Ex-Islander Olivia Attwood has predicted that this year will be the “raunchiest” season yet, as the new Islanders will have been “sex starved” during the pandemic. “It’s possible they will be more wild. We’ve all been locked up and everyone is looking to blow off some steam – in general this could be a really good summer to be single and enjoying yourself,” she told the Daily Star.

Jordan Hames is dating Chloe Ferry?!

Love Island 2021: Latest news, gossip and Islander updates

via Instagram @jxrdanhames

Remember Jordan from 2019? The one who majorly messed up by asking Anna to be his girlfriend then chatting to India? Well, he’s back in the tabloids as he’s apparently dating Geordie Shore star, Chloe Ferry.

A source told the Sun on Tuesday: “Chloe and Jordan have been enjoying each other’s company after both getting back from their holidays in Portugal. Jordan has been staying over at Chloe’s home whenever he gets the chance and spent last weekend attending a party with her. They are keeping things on the down low, but have definitely been having lots of fun.”

Olivia Attwood wants to return for a Love Island all-stars special and I am HERE for it

Olivia Attwood is reportedly “itching” to take part in an all-stars version of Love Island, and tbh hun, me too. Olivia told the Daily Star : “If they ever did an all-stars series of Love Island I would be so jealous. Brad [her fiancé] gets so annoyed when I bring it up, but I know I can’t do it as I’m engaged. I’d love to go back in there as somebody who isn’t single and not have to be involved in the dating side of it, just to experience the villa again because it is so much fun.”

The new Islanders are apparently already in quarantine in Mallorca!!

There’s just over a week to go before the series starts, and the rumoured contestants are coming in thick and fast. “Bosses are finalising who goes into the villa on the launch show right now,” a source told the Sun. “The cast are already in Spain, quarantining ahead of the first episode. Everyone’s really excited – it’s going to be the best series yet as they have some really interesting Islanders lined up for the villa.”

2019 Islander Michael was rushed to hospital this week

Love Island 2021: Latest news, gossip and Islander updates

via Instagram @mac_griffiths_

Michael Griffiths was rushed to hospital after his throat closed up with hay fever this week. After leaving the hospital, he said: “So, as you can tell my voice has gone back to normal, but I’ll give you a little update. My hay fever was so bad yesterday it was like my throat closed up. I did go to A&E thanks to Danny [Williams] there, who took me to A&E. They quoted a six-hour wait. I mean, my throat’s closing up.”

He continued: “Anyway, they sent an ambulance, the paramedic called me, and then she said that I was of no concern – no imminent concern of harm – so she told me to just go to bed and chill out. So I took another antihistamine and I woke up like this. Oh yeah, it’s back.” Yikes.

This year’s Islanders are going to be given eight therapy sessions and social media training when they leave the villa

ITV has said that Islanders this year will receive at least eight therapy sessions and will be given social media training after they leave the show. These measures have been published as part of its duty of care protocols ahead of the seventh series this month.

They will have training on the impact of social media and “how to handle potential negativity”, as well as help with financial management and how to secure representation for media and public appearances. Registered mental health professionals will be involved throughout the whole series and beyond.

Jack Fincham says he wishes he had coupled up with Megan Barton-Hanson

via ITV

He might have won the entire show and been with Dani Dyer since day one, but Jack Fincham has come out and said he wishes he had coupled up with Megan instead. During Heat’s Love After Love Island, Jack said Megan was top of his list of alternative people who should have coupled up with.

“We have been out loads of times after [Love Island] and you are on a level. We have a laugh, so I would probably say you, as you are fun,” he told her. “I spent so much time with the person I was coupled up with that we didn’t get to know – whereas we actually had good conversations, have a laugh, a lot of common interests and do the same things.”

Maura might be dating Giovanni from Strictly?!

HOLD. THE. PHONE. Are we about to see the hottest couple to have ever graced this very earth? It looks like Maura Higgins and Giovanni Pernice have been on a lil romantic getaway together, after they both appeared to stay at the same Cornish hotel. They’ve both followed each other on Instagram, and have posted similar pictures at the same hotel. Another guest there said she spotted Maura, with “a rather well known dancer”. 👀

Greg is still out here claiming he didn’t dump Amber by text

Love Island 2021: Latest news, gossip and Islander updates

via ITV

The biggest scandal of Love Island 2019 was when, shortly after winning the show together, Greg and Amber split up and Amber said he dumped her by text. You’d think we all soaked up the drama two years ago, and then moved on with our lives, but Greg is still talking about it being lies.

He told MailOnline that he and Amber mutually agreed over FaceTime to end their relationship because he wanted to continue his career as a rugby player, while she aspired to move to London after she became inundated with clothing and endorsement deals.

He said: “I have never actually come out and told my side of the story because my management and other people advised me against it. When it was all happening I was like ‘I have screenshots, I can release a statement with screenshots to show people the truth’ but it was only going to add fuel to the fire and so I took the brunt of it. It was hard to bite my tongue but that’s just the way it played out.

“We did the whole after the show thing and then it got to us speaking to each other away from the cameras and she asked ‘are we going to be boyfriend and girlfriend? Are we going to be a proper couple?’ I said to her ‘realistically, I don’t know how this is going to work, you’re in England and everyone wants a bit of you, you have your clothing deals and I’m going back to Ireland and going to try and do the Olympics.’

“I said ‘can we see how it plays out for the next while?’ But she didn’t really like that and got upset that I didn’t want to automatically be girlfriend and boyfriend – this was all on FaceTime. She said ‘I don’t really want to be with someone who isn’t sure they want to be with me’ and we left it at that.”

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