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This year’s Islanders reveal their type on paper, icks, worst habits and fetishes

‘I like sucking toes’

Yesterday the Love Island 2021 lineup was revealed featuring a cast of 12 incredibly fit individuals. There’s a teacher, a student, an estate agent and a football player. And now the 2021 cast are revealing their types on paper.

ITV revealed a little bit of information about each of them including their ages and what they’re looking for, but now they’ve released a whole new video that let’s us get to know the Islanders really well.  In the four and half minute long video the 2021 Love Island cast share what their types on paper are, what their exes are like, their fetishes and their go to chat up lines on dating apps.

This is everything the 2021 Love Islanders reveal about their dating life ahead of the show next week:


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The first Islander to be announced was 25-year-old Sharon who works in the Department of Transport, in the video she explained in more detail what she’s working on. She said: “So at the moment I work as an operations lead for the Department of Transport and working on EU exit policy.”

Sharon described her usual type as “tall, dark and willing to put me in line if I’m too sassy or too straightforward.” Sharon is pretty used to be on dating apps and said she uses the same line every time, she said: “I always open with the same opening line ‘is your name Earl Grey? Because you look like a hot tea’.”


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Aaron was the first boy in this year’s series to be announced and works as a luxury events host who has worked with Princess Beatrice. He said his job has allowed him “to able to go abroad” and he wants a girl who likes to do similar things to him. He said: “I do like girls that are into similar things to me. I also like a girl that likes things that are a little bit different.”

Aaron revealed his worst habit is farting and he “bangs ’em out on a regular basis”, which may be slightly off putting to future dates as he says he doesn’t try to hold it in. Lovely.


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Liberty is the youngest of this year’s Islanders at 21 years old and in the introduction video she described her type as “tall, confident and commitment issues”. However she emphasised she’s come into the villa as she is ready for a nice guy. She said: “I wanna find a guy that’s gonna treat me nice and Im just so ready for it.”

Liberty describes her weirdest habit is itching her ears with her mouth and it constantly irritates her mates. She said: “I itch my ears with my mouth, so when I have itchy ears I go like this. It’s annoying, my friends think it’s really annoying.” Hopefully the boy she couples up with won’t mind.


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Hugo is Love Island’s first disabled contestant as he was born with clubfoot and has since had a number of operations. He spends the majority of his time working as a teacher, which he says makes it difficult to date.

Hugo revealed he doesn’t get girls to call him Mr Hammond, he said: “I have never asked a girl to call me Mr Hammond, I don’t think I could do it without laughing, so I’m definitely not gonna be doing that any time in the near future, that’s Mr Hammond to you.”


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Shannon is a 22-year-old model who used to be a glamour model but now spends more her time working on social media and influencing. She’s clearly a girl after our own hearts as she says the way to her heart is pasta. She said: “Feed me pasta and you are winning.”

Whilst Shannon hasn’t described her physical type she says she wants to be without someone she can have fun with. She said: “I wanna have someone to travel with, experience life.” Shannon revealed her worst habit is saying “erm” all the time.


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Jake is 24 years old and was in a relationship for seven years before the pandemic, however he struggles with trusting women. He’s the first Islander to reveal his secret sex fetish which is sucking toes. It’s even a requirement in his ideal type, he said: “I like sucking toes. My type, all I ask for is blonde, blue eyes, little feet, because I have a massive foot fetish.”

Jake’s worst habit is pretty normal – an obsession with tea and biscuits, he said in the video: “My worst habit has to be cup of tea and biscuits late at night. I always say I’m not gonna do it but I’ll go through four or five packets of biscuits a week, chocolate hobnobs without fail.” He said he’s looking forward to going into the villa as he has a lot of “love” and “passion” to give.


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Kaz is a 26-year-old influencer who has the best introduction video going as she begins by saying she wants “a guy to rail me”. Aside from that Kaz is also looking for someone who is “confident, who knows what they want and who goes for it”.

She said she is going into the villa as she is “ready for love”. When asked about her bad habits Kaz said she can sometimes be “toxic” but has “good intentions at the end of the day. I don’t go out of my way to hurt people.”


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Brad is 26 years old and works as a labourer. He described his ex as “blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin”, but stresses that’s not his usual type as in his head it’s “the opposite”. He’s previously said his celebrity crushes are Megan Fox and Zara McDermott who definitely fit his type more than blonde hair and blue eyes.

Brad revealed in the video the last time he had sex was at the end of 2019, but “people would probably think I’m a top shagger” however he said he’s “far from it”.


love island 2021 cast types

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Chloe is from Bicester and works in finance, but says despite the stereotype there aren’t a lot of fit guys in the city. She said: “You would really think there were fit men in the city but there really aren’t most of them are married or have girlfriends, I mean they’re off limits but they’re not really off limits.”

When asked her ideal type, Chloe essentially described a funny bad boy. She said: “I love a bad boy, someone that you would not bring home to your mum, just someone’s who’s a bit naughty. I just want someone fit and funny, that’s not too much to ask for is it?”. Fit AND funny? Yeah that definitely is too much to ask for. Chloe is the only Islander to so far share her icks and the number one is if “someone’s too nice” as she says it “just will give me the ick, I can’t, it just puts me off”.


love island 2021 cast types

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Toby is a 22-year-old semi professional football player who has never been in a relationship, which makes sense as he says he has “commitment issues”. He said: “If you’re really looking into it I might have some commitment issues. Casual sex can only take you so far, until the girl starts getting drawn to you and now she wants to take it to the next step.”

Toby may not be giving up the single life too soon as he said he is in a lot of DMs but is best at flirting in real life. He said: “I’m in a lot of DMs, a lot, when I say a lot of DMs, I mean a lot of DMs, but face to face that’s when I come into my real element.”


love island 2021 cast types

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Faye was the last of this year’s Islanders to be announced, she is 26 years old and works in real estate. When asked what her type is she gave an unusual answer, she said: “The type of person I’m looking for is somebody that can literally rip me a new asshole, not like that.”

She then went onto say she actually wants someone who is “short, blonde and ugly” as everyone else always says “tall, dark and handsome”. Not sure if we’ll ever actually find out Faye’s true type.

Watch the full video here:

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