It’s not a series of Love Island unless these 31 exact moments happen

8. The classic slow-mo dance montage of the Islanders with their wine glasses

Love Island is full of drama, scandal and TV moments which stay with you for the rest of your life. I’m pretty sure everyone will remember exactly where they were when Josh recoupled with Kaz instead of Georgia, when Terry and Emma did *that* on top of the sheets and I can hear Iain Stirling’s iconic one-liners in my mind when I go to sleep.

And now Love Island 2021 is coming, and nobody can wait for a whole new season of chaos. But, as much as we adore the show, it is very very predictable. Here are all the moments and feelings that a series of Love Island is just simply not complete without. Honestly, reading this makes me teary-eyed.

1. The show hasn’t even started yet and the group chat has assembled

You’ve done a sweep stake on the Islanders, “Love Island 2021 🏝❤️” has been set up on WhatsApp and we are READY for another year.

2. You get actual goosebumps from the theme tune alone


3. The cast members arrive in the back of Jeeps like a cheap 2000s music video

Swerving up to the villa like this is nothing short of iconic and I’m here for it.

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4. One of the boys doesn’t get chosen in the first coupling

It’s sad, but it always happens. He’ll be placed on the “subs bench” in a tragic, not-picked-for-the-team-in-PE kinda way. Sorry in advance to whoever has to go through this, this year.

5. The VTs include someone piping on about being ‘single for years’ despite actually only being like 18

My heart bleeds for you x

6. Someone shouts ‘I’ve got a text’

“I’ve got a text” has become a staple Island catchphrase, only slightly adapted by Ovie to become “MESSAGE”, but only he’s allowed to say that and nobody else. This will be followed by everyone running over and gathering around a single phone to see what carnage is about to unfold.

7. One of the Islanders, who insisted in their VT that they wouldn’t bring it up, won’t stop mentioning their distant claim to fame


8. There’s a few minutes slow-mo montage of all the Islanders dancing clutching their all-white club VIP area-esque wine glasses

Love Island 2021: Moments that happen on every series of the ITV2 show

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So cringe but I just love it. The Islanders will fully sell the idea that their 10-man garden party is as wild as Amnesia in Ibiza. Give them those cheap, plastic cups, a lil Boohoo number and some mainstream dance track and they’re good to go.

9. Iain Sterling puts on his best sinister voice and says ‘TOMORROW NIGHT’ as the camera pans very closely up to some perfectly carved abs

A NEW BOMBSHELL IS COMING!!! The camera pans over to some rocks along the beachside and we ominously see all of a person apart from their face – so close that you can see where they didn’t quite rub in their SPF.

10. An Islander tries really hard to create a catchphrase that they think the whole nation will get behind

Look Lucie, stop trying to make “Bev” happen. It’s not going to happen.

11. One of the boys tries to be ‘romantic’ and make a girl breakfast but it’s just some toast cut into a heart and a black coffee

One boy will at some point enlist ALL the boys to help him with the most romantic gesture he has ever done in his whole life. They’ll spend the morning giggling around the villa and frantically trying to put something together, and after all that it ends up being some toast cut into the shape of a heart delivered up to the girl of his choice in the dressing room.

Love Island 2021: Moments that happen on every series of the ITV2 show

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12. The memes on Twitter are on FIRE

It’s the only reason we’re here.

13. A summer club banger plays as the Islanders run in slow mo with army print on their faces down to the challenge area

Or any other ridiculous fancy dress outfit for that matter. The girls are dressed as bunnies? The boys as firefighters? It’s daytime in the villa, my friend.

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15. The lil chime the phones do when they go off

I can actually hear it. I know you hear it too.

16. A bombshell will come in and all the girls will watch them over the terrace

Love Island 2021: Moments that happen on every series of the ITV2 show

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And they will quite literally be nothing but cruel to them for their first few days in the villa. It’s inevitable that the girls are frosty AF with any new girl arrival, especially when she then gets set up on dates with their guys, through no choice of her own.

17. They get a random sub-par DJ in and the Islanders lose the plot

Never forget Anton crying at Craig David x

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18. And then another random celeb will FaceTime into the villa

Stormzy basically telling Chris that he should dump Olivia over a video call? Now that was TV gold.

19. You can hear the exact sound of the girls’ heels on the decking

Why is it so loud? Why can I hear the sound in my mind on command?

20. A pair of Islanders go on a really budget date and pretend it’s the best date they’ve ever been on

Love Island 2021: Moments that happen on every series of the ITV2 show

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A picnic blanket laid out a few meters away from the villa in a random field? So romantic x

21. The dramatic pan over of Casa Amor

At the end of the episode before the incredible beginning of Casa Amor, there will be a dramatic pan over of the second villa, as Iain Sterling tells us that TOMORROW NIGHT it is BACK. You then know chaos is on the way, your group chat explodes, Twitter erupts and you’re so on the edge of your seat you may as well sit on the floor.

22. ‘Can I pull you for a chat?’

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This is said at least twenty times in every episode. The rest of the villa will then perk up and watch the two people go over to the day beds or the bean bags before getting the debrief on everything that was said after.

23. The Casa Amor recoupling is more tense than logging onto UCAS on that dark day in August

And tbh, I probably care about the Casa Amor results more too. This is the most drama you see all year, and there is ALWAYS one recoupling that sends the whole villa into meltdown.

Casa Amor, Love Island

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24. You say you won’t get too invested but next thing you’re sending the daily first look videos to all of your friends

Do you remember that at around lunch time every day ITV releases a first look on Twitter at that evening’s episode? You can pretend you’re only going to casually watch this year, but you’ll be watching these every day by the end of the first week.

25. Someone you know will inevitably have a really far away connection to one of the cast members

“Omg I can’t believe he’s in the villa!! I went to a school in the same area as his older brother’s ex girlfriend!!!!!”

26. ‘You should have just come to me first and have a bit of respect’

Love Island 2021: Moments that happen on every series of the ITV2 show

via ITV

In a testosterone-fuelled argument, two of the male Islanders will definitely argue over how one of them went and spoke to the girl the other is coupled up with, without consulting him first. THE PURE DISRESPECT.

27. One of the cast members will get ridiculously burnt and become a meme

via ITV

Sorry Dr Alex but you should have known better.

28. The following challenges become an actual part of your calendar:

Snog, Marry or Pie, Headlines Challenge, Heart Race Dances, Baby Challenge, Lie Detecter, Blindfold Kissing.

29. You cry actual buckets at the final dates and declarations of love

Love Island 2021: Moments that happen on every series of the ITV2 show


30. The final is a more important date than a royal wedding or your own actual wedding for that matter


31. When it’s over you genuinely feel empty inside

What do I do with my life now?

Love Island 2021 starts on Monday 28th June on ITV2. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook. 

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