Shannon says she was ‘bullied’ and ‘humiliated’ at the Love Island reunion

In a video, she cried and said ‘I thought I’d get some better treatment’

2021 Islander, Shannon Singh, has said she felt “kind of bullied” and “humiliated” by the Love Island reunion show. The episode aired at the weekend, and Shannon admitted she has been in a “weird headspace” since.

Shannon previously joked and hit back at the reunion episode, which has been slated as “boring” and “awkward”, saying it was a “waste of time”, adding that there was “no need” for her to be there. “Well guys, that was a fucking waste of time, but I went, Miss 48-hour gang,” she said. “So yeah, I’m gonna cuddle in bed with my Domino’s and celebrate that Love Island is over.”

After making light of how the situation, she has since posted a teary video on Twitch, where she opens up about how she has felt since the show aired. She said she expected better treatment from Love Island, after she was savagely dumped from the villa after just 48-hours. “I’m in a really weird headspace, guys. I’m really sad to be honest,” she said.

Islander Shannon Singh speaks about how she feels following the Love Island 2021 reunion show

via Twitch

She continued:  “I just feel like the show has completely mugged me off, if I’m completely honest. Last night I was really angry as I sat about for nine hours all day. They mic’ed me up, briefed me on questions and then completely disregarded me, which was fine. I just thought, after how they dumped me, I thought I’d get some better treatment but yeah.

“I’ve been crying and stuff all day, as I just feel like I’ve been completely humiliated in front of everyone. I don’t want to get upset but it is what it is. I’m really pissed off, to be honest. I just thought it was really unnecessary. It was kind of bullying, a little bit. It’s done.”

Shannon had previously said there was “no need” for her to have been at the Love Island reunion show, but did say it was great to see everyone there. After filming the reunion show she said she decided to go straight to bed, instead of attending the after party with her fellow Islanders.

The Tab has approached ITV for comment. 

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