Ranked: Who from Love Island 2021 gained the least followers on Instagram?

What was even the point?

Love Island is getting less and less about finding love, and more and more about the platform it provides for people to get on the TV and become influencers and media personalities. The reunion episode this year just solidified this fact: it opened with Toby and Chloe getting their phones back and gushing over how much their profiles had grown whilst they were on the show, and obviously, they were extremely pleased about it. But who from Love Island 2021 is going to be very disappointed, having gained the least followers on Instagram?

We’ve looked at those who gained the most, so now here’s a ranking of everyone from Love Island 2021 by who has the least Instagram followers now. This is only including those who at some point made it into the main villa, because let’s face it, some of the Casa Amor Islanders’ appearances you could have blinked and missed.

10. Matthew MacNabb – 169k

A ranking of the Love Island 2021 contestants by who gained the least Instagram followers, Matthew MacNabb

via Instagram @matthew_macnabb

What did you expect from the man who is known for saying “we’re done” and nothing else? But still, nearly 170k followers for that is pretty impressive.

9. Lillie Haynes – 149k

Lillie Haynes

via Instagram @lillie.haynes

Whilst Lillie may have ~technically~ not made it into the main villa, she does count because she caused a lot of drama and came back for her date with Millie. Despite everything, she still hasn’t gained as many followers as some of the other contestants, though.

8. Georgia Townend – 130k

A ranking of the Love Island 2021 contestants by who gained the least Instagram followers, Georgia Townend

via Instagram @georgiatownend_

Georgia Townend deserved more. I will die on this hill. Since she left the villa she has been the Islander we didn’t know we needed until she was gone. She’s been great value, posting hilarious videos about the show and even recreating a better reunion on her Instagram story, because the one we got was rubbish. An icon.

7. Aaron Simpson – 124k

Aaron Simpson

via Instagram @aaronsimpsonn

Despite just missing out on a spot in the final alongside Mary, Aaron hasn’t gained loads of Instagram followers like she did. He’s currently sitting at 124k.

6. Danny Bibby – 120k

A ranking of the Love Island 2021 contestants by who gained the least Instagram followers, Danny Bibby

via Instagram @dannybibby_

Danny really wasn’t in the show for that long, and it was a controversial stint at that. He didn’t find love on the show, but at least now he’s sharing TikToks of him doing appearances at kids’ parties, so he’s gained that!

5. Sam Jackson – 117k

Sam Jackson

via Instagram @samjacksonn88

Sam Jackson was brought back into the main villa by Faye, who then ditched him to get back with Teddy. A bit savage and probably not the Love Island journey he would have dreamed about.

4. Amy Day – 104k

Amy Day

via Instagram @amydayloveisland

Amy has seemed pretty pissed off at Hugo since she left the villa. He brought her back from Casa Amor, and then they were mutually dumped together and he called his journey “tragic” right in front of her. She’s changed her Instagram handle to @amydayloveisland, so you really can’t forget where she came from.

3. Rachel Finni – 92.9k

A ranking of the Love Island 2021 contestants by who gained the least Instagram followers, Rachel Finni

via Instagram @rachel.finni

Rachel was another blink and you miss it appearance on Love Island 2021, which is probably why she is one of the ones who has gained the least Instagram followers. The 92.9k who have followed definitely did it straight after she face-planted the fence during that challenge. Iconic.

2. AJ Bunker – 85.8k

AJ Bunker

via Instagram @andreajanebunker

The least followed Islander girl this year is AJ. Clearly we didn’t keep our “eyes on the prize”.

1. Chuggs Wallis – 78.1k

A ranking of the Love Island 2021 contestants by who gained the least Instagram followers, Chuggs Wallis

via Instagram @chuggswallis

Poor old Chuggs. If you ask me, Chuggs was a great Islander and was taken from us way too soon. But he barely lasted 48-hours in the villa and hasn’t gained many followers for his troubles. He even says it himself in his Instagram bio: “@loveisland 2021 ❤️🏝 (ish)”. At least he’s really good mates with all the Islanders now.

Follower counts were correct at time of publication. 

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