Quiz: Can you guess the Love Island 2021 contestant from just a photo of their mouth?

No prizes for guessing Faye’s lipstick soz x

The eyes are the windows to the soul, but you know what can tell you way more than someone’s eyes? Their mouth.

Not just because it can quite literally speak to you, but someone’s mouth can tell you so much about them. Loads of people have been going on about Faye’s brown lipstick and liner this Love Island series, and yes someone’s lipstick choices can say a lot about them.

But other parts of the mouth are just as important: Are they laughing, smirking, or grimacing? Do they have veneers, bleached teeth, or are they au natural? And don’t even get me started on the boys and their various iterations of stubble/beard/moustache.

I promise I’m not obsessed with people’s mouths, I’m just saying you really can guess the Love Islander from just looking at one zoomed-in photo of their mouth. And luckily for us all, that’s the exact point of this quiz. So go ahead and look at all of these pics of 2021 Love Islanders’ mouths, and guess which contestant each one is. You know you want to:

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