Here’s exactly what each of the Love Island 2021 contestants would be like at uni

Toby would pretend to freeze on Zoom when he’s asked a question in a seminar

A load of the Love Island 2021 cast went to uni – Tyler studied law, Liberty’s in the middle of a marketing degree, and Chloe got an actual FIRST. This lot truly are beauty and brains combined, but what we don’t know from looking at their LinkedIn profiles and reading their degree certificates is what they were all actually like at uni. Like, who enforced the cleaning rota with a passion, who downed VKs every single sports night, and who was the fit housemate you end up accidentally shagging?

Well luckily for you, we’ve thought though just that and here’s what every single Love Islander would actually be like if you were mates with them at uni. Liberty’s bedroom would be covered in fairy lights, Chloe would lose her key three times a week, and you absolutely cannot tell me Jake wouldn’t be the club promoter. Here’s what the cast of Love Island 2021 would be like at university:


Liberty is the house mum, her room is absolutely COVERED in fairy lights and she most likely lives in an all-girl’s house with her six besties. She studies marketing and takes her baby blue Fiat 500 to her uni house.

Lib goes to uni with her childhood sweetheart boyfriend, and spends the whole of Freshers’ Week telling everyone all about how they met on the first day of year seven. They have a teary break up in her family home when she goes back for Christmas of first year, where he says she’s changed since being at uni and the distance (one hour and 37 minutes on the train) is just too much.

After this she watches Netflix films with the family dog and cries, but the second she’s back at uni after the holidays the girls take her on a huge night out and spend the rest of the year tirelessly hyping her up. She deserves nothing less.


If Lib’s the house mum, Chloe is the house mess. On every night out you lose her after half an hour mins, then somehow bump into her at 4am eating cheesy chips in the kebab shop. She screams in excitement when she sees you, and then drunkenly recounts how she’s just had the best night of her life.

Chloe’s fun to live with, so long as you don’t get tired of letting her in at 2am when she’s lost her key for the third time that week. She studies psychology and has never set foot in the library once.


Toby’s social sec of football, he thinks he’s a BNOC and goes to every single sports night without fail. He would protect VKs with his life, and at every single pres has to show people how he can down a pint in less than four seconds.

He pretends to freeze on Zoom when he’s asked a question in a seminar, or makes random noises to pretend his Internet’s lagging. He somehow graduates with a 2.1.


Teddy’s an actual BNOC and everything Toby dreams of being. He’s cool without even trying, somehow knows absolutely everyone and is president of the Ski Society. Not a fuck boy Rugby boy, or a Tennis boy who’ll bore you to tears, just straight-up fun and all around good vibes.


Kaz goes clubbing four times a week but still manages to make every single seminar, and finishes uni with a First. She’s everyone’s best friend and absolutely CARRIES any group project. Kaz has a Mac (the rose gold one) and taps her acrylics on it in every single lecture just to let you know she’s really concentrating.


Millie’s the one who forces you to get your shit together after a breakdown in the girls toilets on a night out, aggressively telling you how pretty you are until you agree with her. But paradoxically she also cries at any small inconvenience and has scheduled FaceTimes home every week – she just really misses the dog, OKAY?!

She’s the housemate of your absolute dreams, because you can borrow anything from her wardrobe and her clothes are all to die for. Millie’s bedroom is covered in plants and she studies history.


Tyler is probably the fittest man to ever grace the Villa, and he would absolutely be the fit housemate who you can’t stop fantasising about and end up accidentally shagging after a night out. The two of you then spend the rest of the year shagging. You think it’s a fun secret. Everyone you live with 100 per cent knows, sorry hun x


Liam went to uni purely to get out of his home town, and he’s just happy to be there. He studies engineering and has a girlfriend – but forgets every time one of his housemates brings her friends from home for a night out.


Faye spends every single week hounding every woman she’s ever met for a big girls’ night out. She gets the gang together, hosts a banging pres with a very well-thought-out Spotify playlist and a good background for everyone to take Insta photos in front of, and loves taking charge of ordering the taxis and shouting at everyone to “go and wee NOW because we need to go in FIVE MINUTES!!!”.

When they arrive at the club she immediately ditches her mates to go and neck off with someone. However, Faye is also fiercely protective over her mates and would never be afraid to yell at random men on the dance floor if they get too close to her mates.

Faye very strictly enforces the cleaning rota, but somehow manages to get away with never actually doing it herself. Only after you’re scrubbing the toilet for the third week in a row do you realise Faye’s been down to hoover the hallway for the last month, which we all know is the easiest job no one ever actually bothers to do.


Look me in the eye and tell me this man wasn’t born to be a club promoter. Jake eats, breathes and shits club promotion – for him it’s not just a way of getting free entry, it’s a way of life.

He survives solely on toast, freezer food, and Tupperware meals his mum sends him from home. Jake refuses to learn how to use the washing machine, instead just buying 50 pairs of pants and taking four Ikea bags full of laundry home every holidays.


Mary is the only Casa Amor Islander still in the Villa, so you just know she’s slightly chaotic but an absolute fighter. For this, Mary could only be one person at uni: The one who leaves every single deadline til the last minute, and pulls all-nighter in the library. She writes every single essay in under 15 hours, fuelled by tears, energy drinks from the uni shop, and Deliveroo she orders directly to her floor of the library.


Remember that Freshers’ Week one night stand who you have to hide from every time you see him in Big Sains? Yeah, that’s Aaron. He’s fit but not exciting enough to actually text the next day, so you accidentally-sort-of ghost him (sorry, Aaron) and spend the next three years feeling guilty for it.

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