Quiz: Plan a meal deal and we’ll tell you which 2021 Love Islander you are

Toby is a sweet chilli chicken wrap and Ribena and you cannot convince me otherwise

If you boiled the UK down to exactly two things that we all love equally, those two things would be meal deals and Love Island. A meal deal is truly the best part of life, and has the potential to make anything better. Crying over a bad grade? Meal deal. Can’t find the perfect nice top to complete your jeans and a nice top ‘fit? Meal deal. Get pied on national TV? Meal deal. What I’m saying is, one of the only things that would actually improve Love Island would be if we could just watch them all eat meal deals – and by the looks of some of the recent episodes, I think some of the Islanders are quite literally crying out for one.

But if this actually happened, what meal deals would all the Islanders *actually* be eating? Well, thanks to this highly scientific quiz, you can plan your very own dream meal deal and find out exactly which Islander you’d be, based on it. Do you scream hoisin duck wrap like Chloe? Or salt and vinegar Kettle Chips like Faye? Or how about a Cherry Coke, which obviously has Liberty’s name written all over it?

Millie would clearly get no drink other than an iced coffee, and for some reason Teddy just screams pasta pot energy. Soz in advance if you end up with the ready salted crisps and plain ham sandwich x

So go ahead, plan your dream meal deal and find out which 2021 Love Islander you are:

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