A quiz to name all the Love Island UK couples across all series who are still together

Quiz: There are 11 Love Island couples who are still together, but can you name them all?

Ok, this is harder than you think


Love Island couples come and go. There is no denying that most who make it home from the villa together don’t tend to go the distance, and a lot split up quicker than you can say sponsored Instagram post. But, as of right now, there are 11 couples from all Love Island UK series who are still together – and this quiz is going to see if you can name them all.

Love Island started in 2015 and since then there have been many success stories. Islanders have gone on to get married, have babies and become millionaires – whether that be with who they left the famous villa alongside, or on their own. Only the very first series and the 2018 series have no couples who left together still standing – all of the others do.

The Sporcle quiz below is looking for the Love Island couples who are still together now. The format it is looking for is first names only, with the girl’s name and then the guy’s, e.g. “Millie and Liam” – there you go, there’s one answer for free. So how many more can you name? Find out here.

Let’s see how many Love Island couples who are still together you can actually name, in the following quiz:

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