Which Disney Channel girl are you, deep within your soul? Take this quiz to find out

We can’t all be Alex Russo x

Calling all 2000s babies, this is your time to shine! Chances are if you watched the Disney Channel in your pre-teen years, you’ve already participated in some pretty heated debates about the identity of your true fictional American alter-ego. A generation lost friendships due to these disagreements because being compared to a teen icon who doesn’t align with your values once felt like a stab in the heart.

Disney Channel girls serve as the pre-pubescent zodiac sign. Not only does it speak to the inner characteristics of one’s personality, but they are useful for interpreting the behaviours of our closest friends. The cool girls? Classic Alex Russo types. Your sweet but shy bestie? She’s just like Bailey Pickett. Everyone’s most cherished mum friend? She radiates Teddy Duncan’s big sister energy. Your slightly spoilt but ultimately harmless pal? A dead-ringer for London Tipton. Your painfully positive sister is so obviously Sonny Monroe. Even your most two-faced enemies are basically living a double life like Hannah Montanna.

So, it’s decided. You just have to know which of these Disney girls is your total soul sister. This quiz is mandatory! Even if it’s just to flex to your friends that you got Rocky Blue. So go ahead and take this quiz to find out which iconic Disney Channel girl you really are:

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