So just how toxic are you really? Take this quiz to find out

Do I want to know? I’m not sure


There’s a little bit of toxic in all of us, if we’re honest. It’s a word that is thrown around so much, but we like to hear so little. So definitively, it’s about time we put it to bed and just took a quiz to find out how toxic we are and never speak about it ever again. So, here we are.

Are you jealous, manipulative and very much likely to kick off if your friend posts a picture on Instagram with someone who isn’t you? Or are you the complete opposite end of the spectrum and chilled, effortlessly kind and genuinely love nothing more than seeing your best friends living their best lives, regardless of who they chose to do it with?

So right, you need to be one hundred per cent honest here or there is just no point. Answer this quiz as though nobody is watching, and nobody is going to see the result – but then obviously send it to all your friends to see how toxic they are too. Sorry in advance if this quiz tells you something about yourself that you didn’t want to hear.

Take this quiz to find out just how toxic you really are as a person:

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