Personality quiz to find out which England football WAG you are

Which iconic English football WAG are you? Take this quiz to find out

I’m………. Rebekah Vardy

Does anyone else just really bloody miss peak WAG era? Like yeah, the football was good back in the day too, but can you remember when the TV camera would pan out to the stands and Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Coleen Rooney would be laughing together, pretending to be on edge as their other halves play in very important football games? Or when you’d catch a glimpse of Rebekah Vardy chugging a beer in her England shirt and chanting Vardy’s On Fire louder than anyone else in the entire stadium? Iconic. There is no other word for it. So now that the football is back on, there is no better time for a quiz to tell you which classic WAG you truly are.

Some of us are natural born Victoria Beckhams, destined to be in a power couple and bring glamour everywhere we go. Whilst some of us will always be a Cheryl, a messy bitch of a WAG who just loves the drama and will probably break up with her footballer husband when it gets boring. Maybe you’re Rebekah Vardy? A stern WAG who takes no shit from the other girls. Or maybe a Coleen Rooney, or a glamorous Abbey Clancy?

You can only be aligned to one iconic WAG, so now is the time to find out who in the quiz below.

Take this quiz to find out which iconic WAG you really are:

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