Tell us your shower routine and we’ll tell you which Jake Gyllenhaal era is your soulmate

A stinky Jake is a sexy Jake x

A recent snap of an all-white-suited Jake Gyllenhaal at this year’s Venice Film Festival has resulted in his being crowned the Best Dressed Man.

The brunette heartthrob donned his nicest threads on Friday for the premiere of his sister Maggie’s film, The Lost DaughterThe beauty in the photo effortlessly captures Jake’s startling progression from a bright-eyed young lad to a certified hunk, but this graduation consisted of many stages…

At first glance, many would agree that any variation of Jake Gyllenhaal’s strapping looks would make him an excellent candidate for the soulmate role.

Still, for those of us that appreciate cleanliness, recent developments may suggest otherwise. Jake turned heads last month when he announced that his bathing routine was less than regular, admitting that he believes in the philosophy that we “naturally clean ourselves.”

But a more rugged, less groomed man might be your type after all. How can you know for sure? Take this convenient little quiz.

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