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These 21 memes perfectly sum up the chaos of last night’s Married At First Sight UK

Just wanna know is Megan planning on asking everyone if they’re in love?

Last night’s episode of Married at First Sight UK provided more drama in 60 minutes than Love Island did in the entire last season. There were tears, declarations of love and a contestant being dragged away by security. Basically it was straight up chaos and the memes were perfection.

The episode featured the eight matched couples returning to the UK after their honeymoons and moving into a block of flats. The drama then began when they had their first group dinner party of the series and they finally all got to reunite.

Megan was asking every couple if they were in love, only to be left in tears when she realised everyone was happier than her. Daniel and Matt didn’t turn up, leaving everyone wondering if they left the show until Morag received a suspicious phone call from the couple. And of course the biggest drama came from Nikita interrogating Jordon over his treatment of Alexis resulting in Nikita being dragged off by security. Then in the biggest plot twist of all Ant and Alexis began flirting and the internet has found its new favourite couple.

If that drama wasn’t enough for you then please enjoy these 21 Married At First Sight UK memes which perfectly sum up the chaos from last night:

1. I am so here for this pairing

2. He is too pure for this world

3. I don’t like Nikita but I appreciated that moment

4. Literally

5. Solid 10/10s

6. You could have made this happen from the beginning

7. Appreciating this self love from Bob

8. Accurate

9. Unproblematic faves

10. A queen

11. Sure hun

12. I love him but this was not the way to Megan’s heart

13. Yeah that adds up

14. Lol

15. Cannot un see this

16. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

17. Just here for the drama

18. TMI Frankie

19. Just get with Alexis now please

20. Hahaha

21. Serious question tho

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