Only David Beckham himself would get full marks on this Bend It Like Beckham trivia quiz

This film made you think you could be a footballer and don’t even try to deny it

Look me in the eyes right now and tell me that when you were younger you didn’t watch Bend It Like Beckham and then have about a week where you were convinced you were going to become a footballer. Go on, do it. Oh, you can’t? That’s because you were obsessed with this film, and you and I both know it.

In Bend It Like Beckham, we see Jess become best mates with Jules, as they both go against what their families had planned for them and instead strive to achieve in the one thing they both really love: Football. But how well do you actually remember the film, other than that everyone in it is straight-up obsessed with David Beckham?

Like, what country does Jess and Jules’s football team go on tour to? And what does Jess lie about and tell her parents she’s actually doing instead? And what’s the name of their weird coach whom they both apparently fancy but neither one has one single ounce of chemistry with?

We may not have won this year’s Euros, or literally any big football competition for actual decades, but now you can put that all right by getting full marks on this Bend It Like Beckham trivia quiz. Take this quiz to test how well you remember the film:

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