Go to the year 3000 and then get full marks on this Busted lyrics quiz

Not much has changed but they live underwater!!!

In primary school we spent the whole time screaming out the lyrics to all our fave Busted songs. But I have some news for you: They’re all FILTHY. What I Go To School for is about trying to shag their teacher, and Air Hostess is about, well, trying to shag an air hostess. Busted were the rockier, slightly cooler version of McFly – of course you loved them, were first in line to buy their CDs, and had at least one poster of them on your wall.

But just how well do you remember all the Busted lyrics? How many “great”s are there in the great granddaughter in Year 3000? Where do they want to meet the air hostess in Air Hostess? Why did they Crash The Wedding? And just how inappropriate are they to their actual teacher in What I Go To School For?

Take this Busted lyrics quiz to prove how much of a fan you *really* were:

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