Think you were a big McFly fan? Prove it by getting full marks on this lyrics quiz



If you grew up in the noughties, McFly literally raised you. Don’t even try to deny it, you know it’s true. You spent every single car journey, sleepover and school disco buying all their songs, and you were first in line to buy the CD whenever they released a new album. One of the four was probably the first boy you ever fancied (it was defo Harry or Dougie, let’s be real), and you’d spend your time wistfully stare at your poster of them, a single tear trickling down your cheek to mark the fact they were a billion times older than you and absolutely would never know who you were.

From screaming out Star Girl and Five Colours In Her Hair, to weeping over Obviously and All About You, McFly’s songs really have it all. But how well do you remember it all? Put your knowledge of McFly songs and their lyrics to the test with this quiz.

Take this McFly lyrics quiz now to see how much of a fan you really were:

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