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Wild Child is the best film of all time, and anyone who tells you otherwise is a straight-up liar whom you should not hesitate to immediately remove from your life. Freddie Kingsley was absolutely the first boy you ever fancied, and you would have sacrificed literally anything to be able to recreate *that* charity shop scene all with your best mates. But perhaps one of the most iconic parts of Wild Child is all the great quotes it’s jammed full of.

From “who are we!” and “apology accepted”, to “biatch”, “we’ve got ourselves a SULA”, and pretty much every single thing Poppy says, it’s absolutely the most quotable film of all time. But how well do you remember all the quotes? Take this Wild Child quotes quiz to put your knowledge to the test and find out.

Prove you’re the world’s number one Wild Child fan and remember all the quotes in this quiz:

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